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How to get a matric certificate

how to get a matric certificate


SMSs cost R3.00 each and calls are charged at standard rates.

    Register via SMS your ID number and exam number to 35935 sms cost R3 to get your matric results Call 082 152 on the day the results are released, select option 6, input your ID and exam number and listen to their results.

Obtaining past matric results

The Matric Results website has an archive of results that go back to 2004.

The website also has a very useful guide that addresses the statement "I am trying to find my matric results!"

National Senior Certificate for Adults (NASCA)

An exciting development that is currently in draft form is the National Senior Certificate for Adults (NASCA). More information can be found on the Umalusi website.

The NASCA is a qualification that will become as well regarded by the South African public, employers and institutions of learning as the National Senior Certificate is. The NASCA is different to qualifications that South Africans know—it takes the form of a set of challenge exams which allow candidates to show what they are capable of. There are no formal learning programme requirements, although people are advised that participating in a programme is likely to improve one’s chances of passing the examinations. The main features of the qualification are:
    The candidate must enroll for four subjects, two of which are compulsory. A language (either at Home Language or at First Additional Language level) and Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy are compulsory. The remaining two subjects must be selected from the following list of subjects: Human and Social Studies; Natural Sciences; Economic and Management Sciences; another language at either Home Language or First Additional Language Level. A candidate is required to pass all four subjects with a minimum of 45%. Candidates may write all the subjects at a single examination sitting, or may write them at different sittings. Candidates may rewrite subjects if they wish to improve their marks. NASCA examinations will initially be offered once a year, but the intention is to create an examination system for the qualification that will allow candidates to write on demand. Candidates are required to complete the qualification within six years of initial registration.

The South African Government services websites gives detailed step-by-step instructions on how to go about getting a copy of your matric certificate.

How to apply to

replace that damaged or lost matric certificate. Includes information on, what you should do, how long does it take, how much does it cost, forms to complete and who to contact.

Useful information on how to obtain matric exemption certificates, particularly useful if applying for exemption on the grounds of mature age or because you are a foreigner.

The Matriculation Board is an advisory committee on minimum admission requirements to Higher Education South Africa (HESA), the organisation which marks the coming together of the South African Universities Vice-Chancellors Association (SAUVCA) and the Committee of Technikon Principals (CTP).Its functions include:
    Certifying applications for exemption from the matriculation endorsement requirements; Benchmarking foreign and SADC qualifications and maintaining international profiles on 169 countries; and;
  • Providing critical advisory services to schools, parents and HE institutions.

In its service to students and institutions in 2006, more than 28 000 certificates were issued and the Matriculation Board continues to provide an important service to students who do not meet the statutory minimum admission requirements to enter first HE degree studies in South Africa.

Umalusi - Council for quality assurance in general and further education and training Umalusi improves quality in public adult learning centres in South Africa, as well as in private and community-based organizations that offer basic education by.

    quality assuring the examinations for the General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) for adults, as well as the internal assessment that lead to this qualifications. monitoring the quality of qualifications and curriculum. accrediting private education centres directly

There is a searchable list of accredited providers on their website.

The SA-YES Resource Bank (RB) is a PDF document containing a directory of websites and contacts on topics ranging from counselling to CV tips and further education to finding employment.

The College of Supported Learning SA addresses several matric needs:

    I am older than 23 and have never completed matric I was in matric in the last 2 years. I did not complete matric I passed matric but I need better marks I left school recently. I did not complete matric I left school a long time ago. I never completed matric

If you have left school and still have to pass matric or are wondering what to do after matric with your qualification, this web directory will show you a world of opportunities.

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