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How do I obtain a copy of a Mexican birth certificate?


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In Mexico, Birth, Marriage, Adoption and Deceased records are kept at the Civil Registry office. Every Mexican state has a main central office, and subsequent small branch offices at their correspondent counties and towns.

To obtain a copy of a birth certificate, you will need to visit "ideally" the Civil Registry branch in the town or city were the person was actually registered. If this is not possible or you don't know the exact office where the person was registered, then you may visit the main office at the state's capital city.

The time it will take the Civil Registry office to find your document will depend on what information you provide to them, for example. If you already have a certificate number and it is correct, the record may be found right away, if you only have a name and date of birth, it may take a few

days for the Civil Registry office to conduct a search statewide.

When requesting a copy of the document you will need the following.

- Certificate number, ( if available )

- The person's full name, ( first, middle and both parents' last names, including maiden names )

- Date of birth

- The person's parents full names, ( if available, to facilitate search )

- City / State where the person was registered

- The approximate year the person was registered

NOTE: Most offices require that a request for a copy of a birth certificate be in person, however some offices will allow you to submit your request by phone, ( in Spanish ).

If you are outside of Mexico, the alternative option is to use a private investigations company to file the search at the appropriate Civil Registry office and obtain a copy of the document for you.

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