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How to get a montessori certificate

how to get a montessori certificate

Our Montessori training curriculum manuals are the most comprehensive, user-friendly and visually attractive ever produced. Our demonstration videos are also the most detailed and professional available today. NAMC’s blackline masters and curriculum support materials save Montessori teachers thousands of hours of tedious busy work. Our NAMC tutors are all experienced, engaging professionals. Their sole responsibility is to help you succeed.


North American Montessori Center (NAMC) has graduates living and working in over 120 countries worldwide. Please click here read what our graduates say about us and their NAMC training experience!

3. How do I know if your graduates are satisfied with their NAMC training?

How our graduates feel about NAMC is the best indicator of how you will feel about NAMC. Please visit our Student Testimonials to see what our graduates have to say about us. We are also happy to put you in touch with a graduate in your area – just contact us!.

4. From start to finish, how exactly do your international diploma programs unfold?

Within two to three business days of receiving your student enrollment contract we will courier your program materials directly to your door by UPS Courier. You will receive a confirmation email from NAMC as well as a separate shipment tracking number supplied by UPS. Delivery time is typically two business days into the USA and can take up to seven business days for international delivery.

Shortly after you enroll you will receive a welcome letter with contact information from your tutor. You are free to call your tutor toll-free (if you live in Canada or the USA) or email anytime for unlimited assistance.

To comfortably complete our Infant/Toddler or Preschool/Kindergarten programs in 7 months you will need to devote three hours to your studies each week. To comfortably complete our elementary programs in 9 months you will need to devote four hours (Lower Elementary) or five hours (Upper Elementary) to your studies each week. Students may accelerate their schedule if they desire.

You are welcome to either email or mail us your assignments for marking. After we have marked your assignments we will email you feedback; and if you live in Canada or the United States we will also call you.

Students receive their international Montessori teaching diploma within three weeks of successfully completing their final set of assignments.

5. What are the academic prerequisites to enroll?

To enroll in our diploma programs, we require that you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. possess a high school diploma or GED (or foreign) equivalent; or
  2. be granted admission based upon having experience working in an educational capacity; or
  3. be granted admission as a mature student (19 years or older).
Please contact us if you have any questions.

6. What do your assignments involve and how are they graded?

At NAMC we focus on helping our students develop a thorough understanding of the various aspects necessary to succeed as a Montessori teacher. Although we feel grammar and composition skills are important, they are not the subject of this course of study and we do not assign university-level critiques and research papers.

For the most part, students are required to answer comprehensive and objective questions. Answers typically take the form of short sentence answers and summaries.

Our grading procedure is unique and we are proud of it; it is one of the reasons motivated learners do not fail. When we grade a student’s assignment, if they have provided an incorrect answer we do not simply mark it wrong. Instead we make a note of the question and review it with the student to ensure that they thoroughly understand both the question and the correct answer. Our goal is more than simply ensuring that each assignment is completed in full, our mandate is to ensure our students understand their program and succeed!

Examinations are not part of our assessment process. Evaluation is based on the timely and successful completion of all assignments. Although our tutors are wonderfully supportive, disinterested students do fail. In true Montessori fashion, NAMC is proud of the fact that dedicated, motivated learners have never failed.

7. What do your programs cost?

We are proud that our tuition fees are the lowest available.

And now, students choosing to pay for their entire program in one payment will save an additional $100.00 off their Total Program Fees.

To view program fees, please click the program you are interested in below:

You may choose to make one full payment and receive all of your program materials in one UPS shipment. Or, you may choose to pay in three equal installments and receive your program materials in three UPS shipments. If you pay by installment, your payments are due at 10-week intervals (Infant/Toddler and Preschool/Kindergarten) or 12-week intervals (Elementary programs). Your first installment is due at the time of enrollment. Once you are enrolled, NAMC will provide you with your subsequent payment due dates.

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