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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Grand Rapids, Michigan

how to get a new birth certificate in michigan Last Updated: Jun 10, 2013 | By Veronica Smith-Jennings
A quick online request form is all you need to request a birth certificate for yourself or your child in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Kent County website makes requests easy and has methods to prove your identity online and pay with a credit card. For certain requests, a trip to the clerk's office to fill out paperwork and show identification is required. Make sure that you figure out whether the county or the state is the place the birth certificate is held, especially when looking for a birth certificate for a baby who was adopted or born to unmarried parents.

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Prepare to pay $10 for every search for a birth certificate -- that fee also includes one certified copy. Additional copies cost $3 each. If you pay online by credit card, you incur convenience fees between $3 and 3 percent of the total cost. The $10 search fee and the convenience fees are non-refundable, even if the birth certificate is not found.

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Visit the County Clerk's Office at 300 Monroe Avenue NW in Grand Rapids if you are a legal guardian, legal representative or a heir of the deceased person listed on the birth certificate. These requests must be processed in person. Take government-issued photo identification and the necessary fees.

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