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How to get a new mexico birth certificate

Birth Certificate Replacement New Mexico

People from New Mexico who have lost or misplaced their birth certificates can always apply for replacement Birth Certificates by sending an application to the New Mexico Bureau of Vital Records & Health Statistics. The only individuals who can make such an application include the owner of the certificate, parents, grandparents, siblings and spouses.  You can apply for a replacement birth certificate in New Mexico using the following three main methods:

  • Application by mail
  • Application in person
  • Application by  an online expedited service

Applying for a New Mexico Birth Certificate replacement by mail

Application by mail is not very difficult what you need to do is get an application form from the internet or at the Santa Fe state office.  This form has to be completed fully but in case you cannot access this form then you may send a letter that has the information listed below

    • The name of the applicant.
    • The date of birth of the applicant.
    • The place of birth.
    • The name of the parents
    • In case you are not the owner of the certificate you have to include your relationship with the owner and why you need the certificate.
    • Name and signature.
    • The Mailing address.

Application by mail normally takes about 4 weeks before you get your certificate you also have to include a check or money order of $10 written to “New Mexico Vital


The letter should be addressed to:

New Mexico Vital Records

Post Office Box 26110

Santa Fe, NM 87502

Applying for a New Mexico Birth Certificate replacement in person

Application of a birth certificate in person you will have to visit either the Counter Service at the Santa Fe State Office or the Albuquerque Stanford Public Health Office. Here you will be requested to fill a form so as to give all your details.  You also have to present a photo ID to verify your identity. You will be charged about $10 for one certificate. The office is always open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. up to 4:00 p.m. the office is located at 1105 South St. Francis Drive and can be accessed by the telephone number (505) 827-0121 or a toll free number for all locals (866) 534-0051.

Applying for a New Mexico Birth Certificate replacement online

You first have to download the Vital Check application online and complete all the information that mainly includes the individuals name or the date and place of birth. If you are not the owner of the certificate you have to give your relationship to the owner. This information should then be submitted online. You have to also give your credit card information as this is the only way you will be charged for the services. This expedited service is much faster than the mailing service. Once you have replaced your certificate it is important to keep it safe so as to avoid it getting damaged or lost.

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