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I've Lost My National Insurance Card, Where Can I Get A New One?

how to get a new national insurance card

As of September 2010, the HM Revenue and Customs no longer issues replacement National Insurance cards.

Ultimately, it’s not the card that is important, it’s the number itself.  If you can recite your number, then you don’t need a card.  If you cannot remember your National Insurance number, you can find it printed on any P60 (end of year tax statement) or wage slip you will have received.  It may also be printed on your last P45 (end of employment tax statement).

If you still have no luck finding or remembering your National Insurance number, you can contact the HM Revenue and Customs.  They will tell you to complete a CA5403 form or by calling the National Insurance Registrations Helpline.  Their number is: 0845 915 7006 and they are open to call from 8:30 am to 5 pm through Monday to Friday.

As long as you can recall your National Insurance number, there is no need for the card.  If you are having trouble remembering

it, once you find out what the number is again, write it down or type it up and keep it somewhere safe and memorable.

The National Insurance card only began issue in 1984.  Before that people’s  National Insurance number was given to them on a manila notification card.  The National Insurance number has two primary purposes:  One is for use as a reference number in the UK’s Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system and the other is for identification purposes.  While a National insurance card is not acceptable proof of ID, the number is one of the UK’s two systems (the other being the NHS number) that labels every citizen with an individual code number.

To summarize, you will be unable to acquire a replacement card, but should you forget the number, you will find it on either a P60 or past wage slip.  Failing that, contact the HM Revenue and Customs and complete a CA5403 form or call their hotline on 0845 915 7006.

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