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How do i get a certificate

how do i get a certificate


Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Domain. I setup Anywhere Access using the Dashboard, which set up the remote website. I was able to access the remote website initially without any problems immediately after Anywhere Access set it up. The next day I started getting certificate warnings when I accessed the website. I did a repair using Anywhere Access setup and that didn't help. Then I went into Anywhere Access setup again and selected Configure (rather than repair) and selected the option to keep my domain name. That fixed the problem for about 24 hours, but then I started getting "This organization's certificate has been revoked." I checked my certificates (using certmgr.msc), and there used to be two GoDaddy's certificates for the remote website setup by Anywhere Access (with expirations three to four years out) in the Personal folder just after Anywhere Access was first set up. Now the Personal folder is empty. I checked the Trusted Root CA folder, and there is no certificate for the Anywhere Access remote website. WHAT DO I DO NOW? (I've

spent about 20 hours trying to fix this, and nothing is working. Just FYI, the Default Web Site has not changed from the initial server setup. I mention this only because this problem is similar to one others have been having, and they were able to resolve their problem by putting the default web site name back to "Default Web Site". Others have reported problems with Microsoft not recognizing the GoDaddy certificate. Those kinds of certificate problems seem to be on-going for many Windows Server 2012 users. However, because I don't have a certificate any more, my problem is different.)

Let me also add that when I change IE->Internet Options->Advanced->Security settings to not checked for revoked certificates, I get access to the remote website.

I would make another certificate request, but I've never done that without having actually purchased a certificate. How do I get request a copy of my original certificate when I don't know how to access the certificate on GoDaddy AND I don't have a copy of the certificate on my server.

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