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How to get a pilates certification

how to get a pilates certification

Things You'll Need


Make certain you have all the prerequisites required for a certification. These may include a high school diploma and proof of a current CPR certification. Both the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) require you to be at least 18 years old to take their certification exam.

Research certification requirements for programs such as the ACE Certified Personal Trainer Certification, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and the AFPA Personal Trainer Certification. Make certain you know how long the certification process will take and the cost associated with the each program.

Obtain study materials for the required written exam. Some programs work on a self-study model, while others require participation in online or in

person trainings. Pick a program that works best for your schedule.

Obtain your required teaching hours to achieve certification. This will require you to find employment at a gym, health club or other fitness venue where you can teach Pilates to groups and in one-on-one sessions.

Document all your teaching hours, self-study hours and any additional trainings or teachings you may attend. You may be required to turn in this documentation to receive your certification.

Take and successfully pass the certification exam. This can often be done online but may require attendance at a weekend-long workshop. Some certification programs require a year's worth of involvement, while others allow you to achieve certification as quickly as you are able to pass the written exam.

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