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How do i get a certificate of authenticity

how do i get a certificate of authenticity

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The issue of authenticity generally applies only to artists whose works are actually mimicked -- very few contemporary artists are forged. And honestly, fine art doesn't usually come with paperwork like that. You might get a gallery sticker on the back, plus a receipt, but that's it.

I took a look at the Wyland Gallery website, and I honestly cannot imagine you have to worry about verifying authenticity when it comes to reselling your work. The artwork on Wyland's site doesn't seem like the kind that someone would forge, simply because there isn't enough value there to make it worth the forgers' while.

Your piece isn't necessarily "worthless" but it

may not be worth the $5,000 you paid for it. Again, I don't know what exact piece you own, but in looking through the Wyland website, I can tell that the vast majority of artists represented would not have a lot of secondary market value.

If authenticity is still a concern to you, you can always contact the artist directly. They can verify the work for you. Some artists will charge you for issuing their own "Certificate of Authenticity" but I'm not honestly sure this is something you need. But again, I haven't seen the work in question and am operating on limited information.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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