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How to get a police clearance certificate

how to get a police clearance certificate

Conditions/Service Description: Conditions/Service Description: This service is available to people who require confirmation on their criminal status for emigration purposes or for working abroad. A certificate will be issued stating whether any criminal offences are recorded against the applicant. The taking of the fingerprints is performed at the nearest police station, prior to the analysis thereof and the issuing of the certificate. The issuing of a Clearance Certificate is the sole responsibility of the SAPS Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

  • The applicant must provide a full set of their fingerprints, preferable taken at their nearest Police Station. The applicant's full name, surname, date of birth, place of birth and identity number (if available) must also be recorded on the fingerprint form. A copy of the applicant's ID document/passport must accompany the application. The applicant must present their Identity Document at the police station as proof of identity will be required.
  • South African citizens living outside the Republic, may apply at any Police Station in that country or at the South African Embassy. Fingerprints should be taken on the official fingerprint forms of the specific country. The fingerprint form must be signed by the person who took the fingerprints. The application must be accompanied by a completed set of fingerprints and a copy of the applicants Identity Document or Passport.
  • If the applicant provide his/her cell phone number (currently only South African) on the application for a Police Clearance Certificate he/she will be provided with an sms indicating that application was received and the reference number that will be allocated to his/her certificate. The applicant can then determine, by making use of the reference number provided, when his/her Police Clearance Certificate has been finalized at the Police Clearance office by making use of the facility on the SAPS web site.
  • The police station where the applicant applied will forward the complete application to the Criminal Record Centre. Alternatively the applicant may deliver the completed application in person or mail the application to;

    The Head of the South African Criminal Record Centre

    (For attention: Police Clearance Certificates)

    Private Bag X308



    Bothongo Plaza West

    CRC Client Service Centre

    1st Floor, Room 14

    271 Francis Baard Street


    Hours: New applications for Police Clearance Certificates can be handed in and completed certificates collected 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    Cost: This service is rendered at R96-00 per application payable by bank guaranteed cheques bankers draft or electronic payment into the South Africa Police Service account ( ABSA cheque account number 4054522787; Branch code 632005; Swift code ABSA ZAJJ) in the favour of the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service. In the case of an electronic payment the initials and surname of the applicant should be indicated as the reference. The letters PCC must be added as reference, which will indicate that the payment is for a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). An applicant who prefers to make an electronic payment abroad can approach any Bank who can make a telegraphic transfer and request that the relevant fees be payed into above mentioned Bank account. Proof of payment must be sent to this office before the processing of the application will take place.

    On completion, the certificate will be mailed to the applicant by post. Individuals abroad are responsible for their own postage. Applicants can arrange for the certificate to be collected via courier service at their own expense. A Police Clearance Certificate can be reissued within six months of the original application yet an additional cost of R96-00 will be required. After six months of the date of the original application a new application must be submitted.

    (Please take note that where an applicant was endorsed as “wanted” at the South African Police Service, no Police Clearance Certificate will be issued. The Police Clearance Certificate will only be issued after the “wanted” status has been removed from the applicant’s name.)

    Fax number South Africa (012) 393 3909

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