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How Do I Get A PTS Certificate To Work On The Railways?

how to get a pts certificate

PTS certification is just like medical of a person, but the rules and regulations are defined by Rail Regulation Authority. Medical assessment for PTS requires following tests:

A Personal Track Safety (PTS) Certificate is required before anybody is allowed to work within the boundary of Network Rail tracks in the UK. Any potential employee must undergo a medical and a drug and alcohol test before attending a "personal track safety" course.

The PTS Certificate lists competencies held by the person named on the card. - this may include

Medical Certificate (expiry 10 years)

PTS (AC or DC) (expiry 2 years)

PICOP, COSS, IWA or others.

Deregulation in both the National Railway Service in the UK has meant that increasing numbers of subcontractors are being employed within the track environment. Contractors are often used for specific limited projects and are often from companies that have not previously been considered as having “railway pedigrees or culture”.

To work on or around the track involves certification for the individual employee of which there are several levels of competence and responsibility which are assessed.

The basic level for track access for Network Rail is the Personal Track Safety certificate (PTS) as defined by the railway safety standards GO/RT/8067. These levels of certification only assess the individual’s ability to work safely in the track environment. This means that the individual is able to respond and correctly react to circumstances which may arise in this potentially dangerous environment. Persons therefore should not have any condition or be taking any medication that may lead to sudden incapacity, loss of consciousness, dizziness, impairment of awareness, concentration, balance, coordination, or any significant limitation of mobility or impairment of hearing and vision. Persons with minor medical conditions (e.g. Colour blind) may still be issued a PTS

- though the card will have an indicator, a red triangle, to inform the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) to that person ailment. Similarly, those who have only recently got their PTS certificate will have have a green square on their card to indicate their 'new' status.

The medical assessment undertaken for PTS certification does not address the medical specificity for tasks that an individual may be expected to undertake in their normal duties when actually working on the track. I.e. Operating machinery or responsibility for other staff requires a higher level of assessment for the job specification and procedures.

The medical assessment for these certificates must be undertaken by an accredited medical provider. In the case of PTS this is authorised by the “Link up procedure” under the authority of Network Rail.

Providers of this service are registered appropriately and regular audit is undertaken to ensure that they meet the quality control levels for the specific standards of performance and training needed to reliably undertake the medical assessments.

First thing you have to do is get a company to sponsor you,then they will send you for a medical,If you pass that you will then be sent on the pts course,you cannot get a card without a company sponsor,thats the hardest thing because most of the subies are not rail approved so they can't sponsor you.Its the main contractor who is approved and they don't want the hassle,If you get your card remember not to put a cv to every job you see because most of the time companies use you to tender for work,ie I have 15 squad's of pts brickies on my books.They use you to get work. pick your companies carefully so you are not wasting your time,these companies tell you what you want to hear.

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