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how to get a sap certification


As an IT professional, it's important to find ways to improve your skills and expand your knowledge of the tools your company uses. If you work for a large corporation or enterprise, it's highly likely that you work with SAP software.

So how do you go about receiving the SAP certification? Here's what to do:

  1. Log onto the SAP Learning Hub.  SAP offers the Learning Hub. an online portal to educational content on all things SAP-related. The Learning Hub provides all of the SAP resources and certification materials in one easy-to-access, organized place.
  2. Find your solution - - Searching for the SAP Certification by solution  means looking for the program that matches your need. This will give you access to a long list of courses on all the software solutions provided by SAP.
  3. Find your role - - If you prefer to search through the certifications according to your role in the company. SAP makes it easy to find

    the right certification for you.

  4. Understand the requirements - - Each certification course has its own "Topic Areas", the material you need to learn in order to obtain the certification. Each course also has its own prep and study tactics to help you get through the material at a steady rate. You'll also find out how many questions are included in the test, how long the test lasts, the score required to pass, and any extra course work.
  5. Study and take the test - - The duration of each course will differ according to the complexity of the materials studied, but prepare to study and work hard! You will need several years of hands-on experience in order to qualify for the test, and that experience will help you understand and solve the real-life problems presented in the exams.

Are you an IT professional? Do you think the SAP certification is necessary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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