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How to get a tummy tuck covered by insurance

how to get a tummy tuck covered by insurance

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Visit your primary care physician. Have a routine physical, and talk to your doctor about any side effects that your tummy may be causing you to experience. If there is some type of health problem that can be linked to the need to have a tummy tuck, your health insurance company may be willing to provide some coverage.

Determine whether your abdominal region is causing you to experience back pain. This side effect is especially common among people who tend to carry their weight in the stomach region. Health insurance companies often cover the cost of breast reduction due to back pain, so it's not unheard of that some will provide coverage for tummy tucks when the stomach causes this same problem.

Allow your doctor to check you for a ventral or umbilical hernia. These are both problems that can be caused by

the abdominal region. Health insurance companies may provide coverage for a tummy tuck for patients who experience either of these health problems due to their abdomen.

Have your doctor put you on a diet and exercise regimen that may help correct the problem. Schedule regular visits in which the doctor will record any weight that you lose, or do not lose. If you have difficulty losing weight, the doctor can send the records of your repeated visits as proof that you are having a difficult time losing weight on your own.

Request information from your health insurance company about coverage for tummy tucks. Some companies may be willing to provide a certain amount of coverage to patients who have health issues caused by their abdominal region. On the other hand, some health insurance companies may be unwilling to budge on the guidelines that they have for cosmetic procedures.

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