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How to get a us birth certificate

how to get a us birth certificate


Best Answer: Contact a National Statistics Office or Census Serbilis Center (CenSC) -- established by the Philippine government to help citizens locate and acquire civil registry documents -- to determine if a record of birth exists on file. If it doesn't, file a Delayed Registration of Birth at the local registrar's office in the city/municipality of birth before proceeding with your application for an NSO birth certificate. If you already know that a record of birth exists, ask your local NSO or CenSC for up-to-date application eligibility requirements and any related information such as application, administration or research fees.

Gather the vital birth information needed when applying for an NSO birth certificate: name at birth, birth date, birthplace (city/municipality or province), name of parents including mother's maiden name (if known), birth registration information including whether registration was timely or late, and the year of the registration.

Apply in person at a NSO or CenSC

Order the birth certificate through the NSO

e-Census Web site (see resources). Click the link titled "Request for copies of Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate/CENOMAR (Singleness)," agree to the terms and conditions, fill out all required fields on each application screen and make your payment.

Fill out any necessary forms or make a written request including the required vital birth information and mail to:

The Civil Registrar General

National Statistics Office

P.O. Box 779

Manila, Philippines

Remember to include in your request your complete name and address, your relationship to the citizen whose birth certificate you're requesting, the reason you need a NSO birth certificate, the quantity of copies and any other information required as discussed with your local National Statistics Office or Census Serbilis Center. In addition, include any applicable fees via check or money order.

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