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How to get a wv birth certificate

how to get a wv birth certificate

VW Birth Certificate - how to get one

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would write a thread on how to get a VW birth certificate for your car in english (the website on where to get one is in german only, so I'll translate the important points).

To get a birth certificate, go onto the VW Auto Museum website where you will need to fill in the following details:-

- Nachname = Surname

- Fahrgestellnummer = Chassis Number

- Modell (falls bekannt) = Model (if known)

- Motornummer (falls bekannt) = Engine number (if known)

- Zahlungsweise = Payment method (use "Kreditkarte" - credit or debit card)

Click on "weiter" to proceed.

You will then see the next page, where it tells you "Bitte geben Sie Ihre Rechnungsanschrift an" which means "please give your billing information", where you will need to complete the following:-

- Vorname = First Name

- Nachname = Surname

- StraЯe = Street - fill in your address here in the normal format

- PLZ (Platz) = Town (german addresses are written differently to ours)

- Ort (Area) = County / Metropolitian Authority along with the postcode

- Land =

Country (eg. Great Britain)

- Email (so they can contact you !)

- Lieferadresse = Shipping address

- AGB akzeptiert = accept terms and conditions

Click on "weiter" to proceed (zurьck = go back)

If you wish to proceed with the order then click on "Bestellen" (proceed with the order). You will then get a payment confirmation page. If you wish to proceed with the payment then click on the "Zahlung durchfьhren" button.

You will then be taken to the iPayment (a third party payment system) page where you will need to give out your credit/debit card details, where the following fields are displayed (I can't remember what order they're in):-

- Karteinhaber = card holder

- StraЯe = street. Fill in the house/flat number/name and road name here

- E-mail Addresse = email address

- Betrag = amount due

- Kreditkartenummer = card number

- Prьfnummer der Kreditkarte = CCV / CCV2 number

- Kreditkarte gьltig bis = expiry date

- Kreditkarte gьltig ab = valid from date

- Issue-Nummer der Kreditkarte = card issue number

If you wish to process the payment then click on the "Zahlung durchfьhren" button, otherwise click on "Zurьck" (go back).

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