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Our ACLS Certification courses are online, mobile and accredited across the globe. We understand what it takes to produce world class ACLS classes that are accurate and flexible. You won't have to worry about scheduling a course, getting there, paying for parking and not being able to get a refund if you are unsatisfied. Our courses are on demand, self-paced and meet or exceed the standards that govern the traditional American Heart Association classroom courses. Take control of your certification and give the ACLS Certification Center a try, you've got nothing to lose, but a lot of time to save!

100% AHA ACLS Guideline Based

The American Heart Association ACLS Guidelines change more frequently than the 5 year official releases and you need your ACLS Certification course to reflect the most recent guidelines. We are continuously monitoring any changes to guidelines, recommendations and best practices associated with ACLS, to ensure we bring you the most up to date material possible. Even after you are certified, your access to the mobile app will stay continuous, you can brush up on your ACLS Guideline knowledge and see the most recent changes indefinitely.

ACLS Study Guide

For the ACLS Study Guide, we provide the official ACLS provider manual developed by the American Heart Association. Though we provide plenty of online study material also, we believe that this manual is a must have when going through the certification process. Our certification can be completed 100% online, but sometimes it's nice to have that hard copy when you want it. Don't settle for an ACLS certification course that gives you a condensed study guide, get the real thing with the ACLS Certification Center.

ACLS Algorithms

When you sign up for either ACLS Certification or ACLS Recertification, you get instant access to ACLS algorithms. The ACLS Algorithms can be studied anywhere anytime with the ACLS Mobile app, or

on your desktop through your online classroom for 2 years. Ease of access and accurate information is our goal when it comes to your study time. The ACLS Algorithms are the backbone of treating a patient in virtually any cardiovascular emergency and you will need to thoroughly understand them to get certified in ACLS.

ACLS Practice Tests

When you get your ACLS Certification from The ACLS Certification Center, your access to our study material lasts for the entire duration of your certification, 2 years. We provide limitless access to endless combinations of ACLS pretest's that you can use to prepare you for your final ACLS exam. Our practice tests are derived from the same massive question bank as the final exam, and there are hundreds of questions that will test your knowledge. Our ACLS practice tests will prepare you for your final exam unlike any other training provider can.

The ACLS App

The ACLS App is available for virtually every version of every major device including, IOS, Android, and Windows. This web based app allows you to access ACLS Algorithms, practice scenarios and more on or offline, and once it's yours, you keep it forever. Like our courses, we constantly update this app to reflect the latest AHA guidelines. There are no hidden charges to get the updates, and no hidden in app purchases to increase functionality. It's all there from day one, and included with both ACLS Certification and ACLS renewal courses.

Continuing Education Credits

All of our courses are eligible for Continuing Education Credits and Continuing Medical Education Credits. These CEU's/CME's are fully accredited and internationally recognized. With ACLS Certification, you will earn 8 CEU's/CME's and with an ACLS Renewal course 4 CEU's/CME's. Many medical licensing boards around the U.S. will require a certain number of CEU's or CME's to keep your license valid, and the credits offered by The ACLS Certification Center will help you toward your goal.

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