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Duplicate Birth Certificates in Alberta, Canada

Nov 25, 2010 Updated 3 months ago

A birth certificate is an official document giving details of a person's birth. A birth certificate

  • Is useful for obtaining other documents such as a passport;
  • Confirms citizenship;
  • Offers validation when traveling to destinations where required travel documents include a driver's license and birth certificate.
In Canada, birth certificates are obtained from the province of birth. Individuals may choose to include or exclude parents' information on their birth certificate.

A certificate of birth replacement may be required in the event of loss (theft, fire); a duplicate birth certificate is useful to document a family history or to provide a backup for travel while the original document remains safe at home.

On February 1st, 2008, the province of Alberta issued a new birth certificate designed to be more secure than the previous wallet-sized card or earlier printed certificates. Replacement of previous certificates is not required, but all newly issued certificates or duplicate birth certificates will be the new format.

How to Obtain a Birth Certificate or Replacement Birth Certificate

Individuals born in Alberta who want a new, replacement, or duplicate certificate of birth may apply for one through an authorized registry agent. Application forms are available online as well as at registry offices.

The fee for the certificate is $20 plus a Registry Agent's fee, which may vary throughout the province. Additional fees may apply for postage and handling if the birth certificate is not picked up at the registry.

Turnaround time for new birth certificates is typically two to three business days, according to Service Alberta.

Who Can Apply for an Alberta Birth Certificate?

Is it possible to get

a duplicate certificate of birth for someone else? Perhaps.

Family historians often need a copy of a vital statistic and request a duplicate certificate of birth, death, or marriage. If the person is deceased, there is usually no problem.

It is possible to get a certificate of birth replacement or duplicate for someone else, under certain circumstances. Proof of relationship is required. Examples include

  • The parent(s) of the person
  • A guardian or trustee
  • Any person with written authorization from the person whose birth is registered
  • The legal representative for an eligible applicant
  • The executor of a person's estate
The application form contains details about who can obtain a duplicate or replacement birth certificate, and what documentary proof is necessary.

I Don't Need a Secure Birth Certificate

"Photocopies are rarely needed by citizens and are, by law, for restricted use only. They are generally only required for court purposes. They are not recommended for use as identification," states the Service Alberta registration request form.

Nonetheless, those who want only a duplicate record as documentation in a family history may not need the high-security document. Alberta Registries offer a Certified Copy of Certification for this purpose.

This a photocopy of the actual birth registration as filled in by the parents. It is legally the most complete document. The photocopy is certified as true copy of the original.

However, the cost of the certified copy is identical to that of the secure document.

Genealogists may need a duplicate certificate of birth to document a family history. Someone who has lost the original will need a replacement birth certificate. The application process and cost in Alberta is similar for both.

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