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How do i get a certificate of good standing

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Register your business as a Corporation, LLC or LLP with the Secretary of State.

Pay any fees, taxes and penalties that you owe to the state. Fees will vary by state. For example, some states require companies to pay a franchise tax. You'll also need to know exactly when certain fees must be paid. Payment due dates can vary dependent upon your locale and when your company was formed.

File your company's most recent annual report with the Secretary of State.



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A certificate of good standing is typically issued by the secretary of state in which a company is registered to conduct business.

Anyone can request a certificate of good standing for a company formed or operating in New Jersey. A certificate of standing is.

A letter or certificate of good standing is used by a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) to prove that it is.

Good standing refers to the status of a corporation as designated by the appropriate state government agency. This agency is typically the.

Printing a free certificate of completion template or completion certificate is moderately easy. If you often need a free certificate of completion.


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