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How to get an illinois birth certificate

how to get an illinois birth certificate

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Choose a method of requesting a birth certificate. Cook County allows people born in the county to request a birth certificate online, through the mail, by phone, at a Currency Exchange office or at a Vital Records Office.

Complete a Birth Certificate Request form. The form is available on the County Clerk's website, and is also available at Currency Exchange and Vital Records offices. If you're requesting a birth certificate online you must fill out an online version of the form. If requesting a birth certificate over the phone you must provide the information orally. You must know the date and place of birth, as well as both parents' names and the child's name at birth.

Show the required identification documentation. Birth certificates are not issued unless proper identification is shown. For online and phone requests, information about an approved form of identification, such as a drivers license number, is required. Requests

made at a Currency Exchange must be accompanied by a state ID or driver's license. The Vital Records office accepts a driver's license or state ID, a U.S. passport or many other forms of identification, listed on its website. A copy of a form of identification approved by the Vital Records office must accompany all mail requests.

Pay any associated fees. As of October 2010, all birth certificate requests cost $15, with each additional certificate costing $4. If you're requesting a certificate over the phone you must pay a credit card processing fee, and a $5 transaction fee is added to requests handled at a Currency Exchange office.

Receive your replacement birth certificate. You can choose to have it mailed to you or held at a Vital Records office for pick up at a later time. If you requested a certificate at the Vital Records office or Currency Exchange you also have the option of waiting for your certificate.

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