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How to get an iso certificate

how to get an iso certificate


Best Answer: appoint a ISO consultant who will consult and will documnet your entire process, guide you in preparing your quality manual I(which include your quality policy and quality objectives), and will provide the SOP's.

after this you will be asked to maintain the documnet as per ISO standards, then there will be a intrenal audit where NC's will be raised, it will be closed and at the end the certification Body (the outsider) will come and audit and if satisifed he will issue an ISO certificate for your compnay which is valid for a period of 3 year. Your consultant will guide you everything but will charge hefty fee and without consultant u can't go for ISO its really hectic job, i am saying this b'coz i am myself working with ISO consulting company in mumbai. and have consulted companies for ISO.


Check List of documents to be annexed long with the Application for claiming reimbursement of expenses of ISO-9000 certificate.


1. Copy of permanent SSI Registration duly attested (each page to be attested) by General Manager, District Industries Centre (DIC) or State Director of Industries or Director, small Industries Services Institute (SISI) or Chartered Accountant (Name, Signature, Membership number and Seal) (members may kindly note that permanent SSI Certificate must be signed only by the officials stated above, in no case officials below the ranks stated above are accepted by the Ministry).


2. Letter (in original) from General Manager, District Industries Centre, (DIC) or Director of Industries confirming SSI Status and functional status of the unit at the time of acquiring ISO-9000 and so as on date on the lines of Format at Annexure. I.

An Affidavit (in original) duly sworn before a Notary Public as per annexure "I" (with Notary Seal, Notarial Stamp & Notary Registration no; and Chartered Accountant's Certificate of investment in plant

and machinery as per Annexure "II" (Member may kindly note that the language of the affidavit must not differ in any circumstances as described in the Format).


3. Copy of ISO-9000 Certificate duly attested by General Manager, District Industries Centre (DIC) or State director of Industries or director, Small Industries Services Institute (SISI) or Chartered Accountant (Name, signature, Membership number and Seal).


4. The Registration schedule Certificate must have address of site/location certified, scope of Certification, Certificate No. date of issue & period of validity (or expiry), Name & Logo of the Accreditation Body/Board. (Member may kindly note that ISO Certificate must accompany the Registration Certificate Copy, Registration Schedule Copy and Name & Logo of the Accreditation Body/ board separately attested by the Chartered Accountant mentioning his full name, registration no. & date).


5. Chartered Accountant's certificate of the details of the Expenses incurred by the unit in acquiring ISO-9000 Certificate in Annexure "III"


6. Undertaking/declaration of the Incentive/grant/subsidy already received if any, in Annexure "IV" on a non-Judicial stamp & notary Registration nos. addresses & signatures, Notary Seal, Notarial Stamp & Notary Registration nos.

(Members may kindly note that the undertaking must accompany the names, signature and full addresses of the two witnesses in whose front the declaration has been made and the language of the undertaking must not differ in any circumstances as described in the format).


7. Pre-receipt in Triplicate in Annexure "v" (Members may kindly not that the triplicate copies must be signed by the proprietor/director of the company on the top of the revenue stamps not at any other place).

8. Any other documents annexed to be mentioned.

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