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How to get antidepressants without health insurance

how to get antidepressants without insurance

schizo said: 01-13-2009 01:29 AM

How to get antidepressants without health insurance

I'm not sure if I picked the right section to make this post, but hopefully I'll find some good advice.

Long story short, when I was around age fourteen, I started dealing with depression and anxiety. I started taking the antidepressant, Lexapro, and saw a therapist regularly.

When I was 17, I moved out of my parents house, and when I turned 18 and was no longer able to be on my parents' health insurance plan, my doctor decides that before he'll renew my Lexapro perscription, he thinks I should see a psychiatrist. I had a couple refills left, but without insurance they cost me $90 a bottle. Also, when I tried to make an appointment with a psych, I was told that I would have to wait months to even see the doctor, and that the one visit would cost me around $400. So. I managed to get myself off of the

antidepressants, and I haven't taken them for a little over two years now.

Over this time period, I've still battled with depression and dealing with stress. I just figured that I'd forgotten how to deal with life on my own without the meds. For the most part, I've been doing ok on my own. But the past few months have brought some huge hardships and stressful situations on me, and I'm having a really hard time coping. Today I considered cutting myself, which I haven't done for almost three years now, and I also googled different ways to commit suicide. I think I need some help.

I've tried talking with friends and family. Things that used to help reduce my stress level ((exercise, writing, ect)) aren't helping anymore. I think I need to get back on some medication. Problem is, I don't have health insurance, and I have no idea how to go about getting antidepressants without it costing a fortune, if it's even possible.

Can anyone help?

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