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how to get api certification

API Certification Process

Integrations using DocuSign APIs must go through the Certification process to operate in the DocuSign production environment. During API Certification, the Integration is examined for following DocuSign’s Security & Design Requirements. We recommend reviewing our API Requirements Guide prior to beginning development as it will streamline the certification process later.

In order to avoid delays in processing please make sure the following items have been satisfied prior to beginning the process. These are explained in further detail in the API Certification Guide.

  • 1) Customer or Partner sales contract has been executed.
  • 2) 20+ test transactions have already been executed.

    Please review the following guides prior to beginning the API Certification process, a sample list of questions that will be asked has also been provided:

    Please e-mail any questions regarding the API Certification process to or your DocuSign Account Manager.

    Certified? Now what?

    Congratulations! The integrator key that you are using in Demo will be the same integrator

    key that you will use in DocuSign’s Production environment. It will not be visible in your Production DocuSign account. Please follow this document for greater detail:

    DocuSign Branding and Templates from your Demo account have not been migrated to Production. If required, please download them from Demo and upload them into your Production Account. Users existing in Demo have also not been migrated, and will need to be provisioned separately in the Production account.

    If you have built a Partner Integration, please note that you must call GetLoginInformation to locate the desired AccountID baseURL. This call is available in both the REST & SOAP API.

    For Customer Integrations that are not using multiple DocuSign AccountIDs, the baseURL can be fetched and then persisted.

    For Partner Integrations, it is an important part of that partnership to be listed in DocuSign's Partner Solutions Showcase.

    For additional questions, please reach out to your DocuSign Account Manager.

    Learn how to become a part of DocuSign's Partner Solution Showcase.

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