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How to get aws certification

how to get aws certification

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Study the Standard for AWS Certified Welders document to see what is expected of you during the certification test. Study any other supplemental materials you think are necessary to prepare for the test. You do not need to take classes or obtain any certifications before this test.

Find the nearest accredited testing facility in your area. The American Welding Society website lists sites by state. You can register for the certification test by contacting the facility by phone or going there and speaking with an educator. You will be informed of exactly the type of weld and materials you will use during the test.

Bring a completed welding certification application, the Standard for AWS Certified Welders document and the application

fee of $30 with you to the testing facility on the day of your test. The application can be downloaded at

Complete the test as instructed. You will be required to take a written examination as well as a performance test in which you will demonstrate "a sound weld that will be inspected by an AWS Certified Welding Inspector." After the test is completed you will be informed of whether you have passed.

Watch the mail for your certification. The testing facility will turn in the information to the American Welding Society, who will then file your certification and mail you a copy along with renewal information. They also will mail the certification to your employer if you have included an address on the application.

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