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how to get baptismal certificate in the philippines


prose wrote at 2008-02-21 17:12:16

Hi Mike,

I hope this answer comes in time to help you. I work for a Catholic Church, and the previous advice is completely wrong.

If you are getting married in ANY Catholic Church in the world, you will need a certificate of baptism and of confirmation. The baptism certificate is easy to get, as you just need to phone the Church where you were baptized, and they should send it to you or the Church you are being married in for free. As for the confirmation certificate, that is a little more difficult.

In 1985 Churches may have been less strict about this, but over the last decades, this has become more and more important.

This is what I know for the Canadian Churches: If you sign an affidavit stating that you were baptized or confirmed, I believe that is recognized as appropriate. If you are not baptized, the Church may require you to go through RCIA and complete your confirmation. As you are a practicing Catholic, this is not a bad thing. Confirmation is a sacrament and a great blessing to you.

I hope that this helps you. )

Good luck with your marriage, and God Bless!

RC wrote at 2008-02-26 02:01:54

Why would you lie and say you were a Catholic? Why would you even bother getting married in a church if the church dotctrines are so meaningless to you?

That is the

worst response to a question I have ever seen. If you are not confirmed, you should just be upfront about it. If you are lying, you are setting yourself up for grounds for annulment in the future. Wow. Sad.

Bill and Lorna Collings wrote at 2008-05-15 23:27:00

THANK YOU "Prose" for the UPDATE about such Catholic Church policies.

And to "RC", sorry if my truthful answer upset you in anyway. Neither my Filipina wife nor I EVER go to Church to worship but have attended MANY other cultural ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms and funerals over the years here in the Philippines. We have been married going on 23 years and together 25 years so do not fear any risks regarding annulment. My answer was simply honest and truthful so please do NOT JUDGE us but we'd always appreciate your prayers.

The Wedding Secreariat wrote at 2011-11-14 02:34:13

Here in the Philippines, they are also very strict nowadays. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates are required for wedding rites. They should be marked "For Marriage" and must not have expired(6 month validity period). Since records are not yet consolidated, you will have to know the parish church of baptism or confirmation. We've had clients who needed to be baptized or confirmed in order to get married, but it worked out for them. Just make sure you give a few months time allowance as there can be a lot of requirements, specially for adult baptism and mixed marriages. Good luck!--

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