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How CAPM Certification Can Help You?

Need a simple project management software to manage your team?

While the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can be a great consideration to make in getting your skills certified as a Project Manager, not all aspirants match its requirements. This leaves many waiting to complete the required number of hours of experience to take on the certification. This is where Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification can help you get your skills attested with lesser hours of experience and pave a way towards an accelerated career growth. The following article explains in detail.


For those who are new in the Project Management sphere and want to get their skills attested through a project management certification, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is the solution. While the Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications is the ultimate certification one can possess, the prerequisites of the certification aren’t met my most aspirants. CAPM certifications however, offer a middle path helping those with lesser experience avail the benefits of certification without having to wait for significant periods of time to become eligible.

Project Management is all pervasive

Project Management plays a significant role in driving a substantial percentage of economic activity. Not just private but public industries too function on a project basis. Beginning from software development to constructing flyovers to fulfilling our beloved politician’s promises of developing hospitals, schools and roads, project management pervades all spheres.

Why get certified?

Research states that individuals possessing certifications are far more likely to get promoted than those who don’t posses certifications. Certifications test an individual’s knowledge and proficiency in a particular field and establish the same

under the banner of a reputed organizational body. This helps employers gain confidence on the skills and knowledge of the individual and consider him able enough to perform a certain set of activities. In short, certifications are a tangible proof of your knowledge and skills in a particular field.

CAPM certifications

Although Project Management Institute’s PMP certification is the most valued certification globally, its requirements are intimidating for many lesser experienced project managers. PMP certification requires 35 hours of Project Management training and 7500 hours of real-time experience which most new project managers don’t meet. To bridge the gap of certified and uncertified project managers, the CAPM certification was devised which only requires a high school diploma, 23 hours of project management training and 1500 hours of real-time experience as project managers.

Similar to the PMP exam, The CAPM exam is also based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). However, while PMP exams are based on testing the practical applications of best practices of project management; CAPM only focuses on testing the fundamental principles of project management that are laid down in the PMBOK.

The CAPM exam covers 9 areas that contribute to project management including integration management, procurement, risk, communication, human resources, quality, cost, time and scope and five process aspects of a project namely Initiate Plan, Execute, Monitor, Control and Close.

In essence, the CAPM exam helps establish the basic knowledge levels of an individual thereby qualifying him for the role of a project manager. The CAPM certification is a good consideration for those who are looking for a stepping stone to kick start their career in project management.

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