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For case/care management professionals, CMSA has developed resources and downloads on certification options available and what it takes to sit for an exam.   Click here   to access the resources and downloads page, or, scroll to learn more about the term certification and how it differs from other designations.

In professional circles, certification typically denotes the process of acknowledging that a specified quality or standard of performance has been achieved. Professional certification involves a formal process to identify and acknowledge individuals who have met the recognized standard. Usually, this standard includes education, experience and an examination which tests knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform a specific job. When an individual meets the standard, he/she receives “certification” from the “certifying body.”

The credibility and integrity of the certifying body determines whether the organization's certification means anything within the industry, to employers, to the public, and ultimately its value. Accordingly, certifying bodies may seek out recognition by outside agencies that will in turn attest that the certifying body meets accepted standards. This standard involves

qualification requirements to take the exam, whether the exam meets accepted psychometric standards, how the exam is given and scored, how the organization is administered and whether the rules are fair and fairly executed. The National Organization for Competency Assurance operates the National Commission for Certifying Agencies for that purpose.

Professional certification is a voluntary process by which a non-governmental professional organization grants recognition to an individual who has met certain qualifications. It is a credential which attests that the individual has demonstrated a certain level of mastery of a specific body of knowledge and skills within the relevant field of practice. Certification should not be confused with either licensing or accreditation. While each involves some type of evaluation and the awarding of some type of credential, they are quite different from one another and the terms should not be used interchangeably.

As a reminder, the Case Management Society of America is a professional membership association — not a certifying body. For more information on case management certification options, visit the   downloads   page.

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