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How to get certificates

how to get certificates

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It's Certificate Renewal Time

MIT personal web certificates obtained over the past year will expire on July 31st. Renew them soon to access MIT's secure web applications.

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Benefits and key features

Certificates are a safe way for MIT web applications to identify you without you needing to type in a username and password. Certificates expire once per year, creating the need to renew them annually.

Personal certificates obtained starting June 30, 2014 are valid until July 31, 2015. The MIT Certificate Authority (CA) is valid until August 2026. Learn more .

To access MIT's secure web servers you actually need two different types of certificates: the MIT

CA (Certification Authority), and your MIT personal certificate.

The MIT Certificate Authority (MIT CA)  authenticates the secure web server to your computer. They are valid for several years.

Note: Browsers come with a group of other certificate signers (also known as certificate or root authorities) pre-installed; you are adding the MIT Certification Authority to this group.

Your MIT Personal Certificate  "authenticates" you and your computer to the web page or application you are accessing. This personal certificate is "signed" by the MIT CA and associates you with your Kerberos username and password. It proves to the secure web server that you are who you claim to be.


Before obtaining certificates, make sure you have the following:

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