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wiseGEEK: How do I get a Child Care Certificate?

A child care certificate is required by law for a person to work in a day care center. This type of certificate is available from community colleges and is typically one to two years in length. It is important to note that students must complete all applicable course work, meet experience requirements, and have a clean criminal record to obtain a child care certificate.

The child care industry is experiencing continued growth and is forecast to continue to grow for the next 10 to 15 years. When looking for a position in the child care industry, look at the reputation of the different companies. Physically visit each site to learn what type of service it provides and evaluate its organizational structure.

Find out which post-secondary educational institutes offer child care certificates. This type of program is available at community and career colleges. Look at the program details to find out what the application requirements are and how to apply.

All child care certificates have a specific practical experience requirement that must be met. The amount of experience required varies by institution. Most programs include an internship or cooperative portion to allow students to gain the necessary experience in a

supervised environment.

Upon successful completion of the child care certificate, candidates are able to apply for positions with a range of child care service providers. Some people use this certification to obtain a position in a private home as a nanny or child care supervisor. Other positions include recreational supervisor, program coordinator, and child care program inspector.

The courses required to complete a child care certificate can be divided into four categories: child care, first aid, child development. and psychology. The child care courses are focused on the physical needs of children and infants. First aid courses include CPR for infants and children, as well as training in responding to accidents and emergencies. The ability to determine when a doctor is required is very important for someone who is responsible for children.

Child development courses focus on the different types of exercises and techniques used to encourage the mental and physical development of infants and preschool children. The work in this field has continued to grow and has resulted in huge shifts in education theory and the activities that day care centers encourage. These courses can be very complex and involve a significant amount of theory.

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