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How to get delta dental insurance

how to get delta dental insurance


Best Answer: If it was me I would not let them use the drug

Versed ( Midazolam ) for the procedure.

I feel that if people were aware of the adverse effects of this drug they would opt for another drug.

Erasing someones memory of what was done to them is wrong.

In fact, many people who use Versed for " IV Sedation,Conscious Sedation" Twilight Sedation, during a procedure are awake for the entire procedure but remember nothing, often believing they were "out" the whole time.

Versed (Midazolam) is an amnestic. It is also commonly used for minor procedures like setting broken bones,colonoscopies,endoscopies, dental procedures like extractions,conscious sedation,twilight sleep, so that patients won't remember pain and discomfort.HOWEVER THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THOSE SENSATIONS WILL NOT BE EXPERIENCED. Forgetting does not mean it did not happen.

Here is a note from a Dentist Who uses Versed

I've used Versed 1000+ times during oral surgery procedures and I've never had a complaint. It's a miracle drug because it is safe and it causes you to not remember an unpleasant experience. My answer to him is isn't it better to have not experienced the pain than to have forgot it. No wonder you have had no complaints they have no memory of the procedure.

Here is a

note from someone that did use versed for a procedure

I know I was sedated, I don't remember anything. but I know I was screaming, everyone could hear me. My thing is how was I screaming if I'm knocked out. I will never consent to amnesia drugs again; I would much rather be put completely out, not just sleepy with memory impairment.

My wife had her broken bone(Femur)set in the emergency room just before surgery to repair it. They gave her versed and I waited outside of the room and could hear her screaming in pain,they did not appear to be concerned as they told me she would not remember anything and she did not. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT DID NOT HAPPEN AND THAT SHE DID NOT SUFFER

A note from an anesthesiologist

I agree that using midazolam alone in PAINFUL situations is wrong. I've heard people getting colonoscopies and screaming, and maybe they remember, maybe they don't.

Amnesia does not take place for all patients.

Listen carefully when a Doctor tells a patient they should have a colonoscopy they are told you won't remember anything and not you will not feel anything.

There is a blog about this drug you may find interesting called Versed Busters just type it into any search engine.

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