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Madhya Pradesh - How to Get Birth Certificate Online Registration and Application Process and Death Certificate Process

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Madhya Pradesh - How to Get Birth Certificate Online Registration and Application Process and Death Certificate Process

Now any you don’t need to worry about to make the registration for birth certificate in Madhya Pradesh. The state government is started online service to give the certificate via the help of various municipal corporation official website. Through the municipal department hospitals of states need to give the information and some document after birth. The birth certificate is a proof for the date of your birth along with place. With having this citizens of Madhya Pradesh can get the benefits of various govt and non govt services. The certificate is compulsory to get in state Madhya Pradesh for everyone because it shows correct and right details and date for birth which you need while the time to apply for voter id card, inherit and distribution of property and rights, to get the help to make various kinds of documents like ration card, domicile, passport, driving license etc. The certificate in Madhya Pradesh is important under the Birth and Death Registration Act of 1969 and each citizen may have to get this within 21 days of baby birth. The facility for registration given by state head registrar or by village registrar also in town / cities it holds by Municipal Corporation.

Candidate who needs this certificate can visit to the “Samadhan Centers” of Madhya Pradesh. Within 21 days of birth parents need to make registration through concerned office or by registrar. Mp birth certificate can get after the verification of all documents at concerned hospital. If any person haven’t apply within this duration after that he/she needs to get the verification by police and revenue department to get birth certificate Madhya Pradesh. In some areas of state to get this you can use the online facilities and in the village through the panchayat or by the revenue office.

About Birth Certificate in Madhya Pradesh

As per the Indian Constitution Act of “Birth and Death Registration Act 1969” and in Madhya Pradesh “Birth and Death Registration Act 1973” along with the revised rule of 1999 the state government works for making the certificate. As the mention acts and rules the registration for each death / birth is compulsory in Madhya Pradesh state. For making the birth certificate mp the head of family, officers in hospitals, trust, hostel, hospice etc are responsible. The citizens can face many issues if they couldn’t get birth certificate Madhya Pradesh on time while the certificate is the legal and binding document proof for birth and death.

When to do Birth Registration –

1. It is very legally important to make registration for each birth and death in family in Madhya Pradesh.

2. After making birth certificate on time citizens can avoid issues and problems in future while they need it in any kind of place in mp state.

3. Each citizen needs to make the registration for birth and death in Madhya Pradesh within 21 days after it and there are no charges have to pay in this period.

Why Need Birth Registration in Madhya Pradesh

1. The birth certificate mp is only authentic document for date and birth place in Madhya Pradesh.

2. Birth certificate Madhya Pradesh can use at the time of school admission.

3. The certificate is also important and required for trips in abroad.

4. It’s also necessary to get the right for voting and to make the election voter’s id card.

5. It also helps you to get the old age pension in Madhya Pradesh state.

6. Caste certificate Madhya Pradesh document is also required for life insurance.

7. The certificate is also useful for keeping health records and immunization for children.

8. This could help also in determine the current population status of our country

9. The certificate is also important to addition and including name in ration card and the ration card area list.

Where to Go for Registration –

a. The process can be holds through municipal corporation and municipalities in town and for the urban areas it can be registered through panchayat.

b. Applicants can make their birth certificate mp registration through the police station in rural areas.

c. The certificate registration process can be holds through the village kotwar or via chaukidar through giving the information and incident.

d. The birth and death registration certificate registration can be obtained through given information to the secretary of the gram panchayat, anganwadi worker or to the health worker.

e. The registration process can be done on the same town or village where the incident were happened and it can get through same area Samadhan center.

f. The birth certificate registration can do through the same area Samadhan registration center if it happened in bus, train, airplane etc.

g. Citizens who lives as migratory / khanabadosh communities and don’t have permanent residence can make registration on that place where the incident of birth and death was happened.

h. For the accidental death via train or through other motor vehicle registration process holds by the same are Samadhan registration center.

How to do birth – death registration in Madhya Pradesh

1. Give the information of death and birth within 21 days and get the birth certificate mp / death certificate Madhya Pradesh from Municipal Corporation, municipality or town panchayat and in the village areas through the police station or by the kotwar / chaukidar without paying of any fees.

2. If the incident of birth and death was happened in hospital of town then the birth certificate / death certificate Madhya Pradesh can get through the sending information via the concerned department to the Samadhan registration center. Also as per the new rules and laws the certificate can get through the same hospital on same time.

3. The birth certificate Madhya Pradesh can get after paying 2 Rupees late fees if

the process of registration not holds within 21 days (but under the 30 days).

4. After 30 days (for the one year of time period) applicants can submit their request application form to the registrar along with some important documents for address, age and declaration form and has to pay 5 Rupees late fee to get the certificate of birth in mp state.

5. Before the 1 year duration citizens can get birth certificate through executive magistrate of the area after paying 10 Rupees late fees. At the time for apply applicants also have to submit their all documents for age and address proof copy in attested mode.

6. More information can get through district planning and statistics officer, Municipal Corporation, municipality, town panchayat, police station, panchayat secretary, anganwadi workers, village health worker and teachers for getting birth certificate in Madhya Pradesh.

7. Make correct and write suitable name within one year of period. Make sure and don’t write name as “Pappu, Gudiya, Chotu” etc.

8. Birth certificate can be get after paying the required fees till the age of 15 year also if you found any mistake in registration form it can be correct through registrar as well.

What to do if forget –

If you had lost or forget / missing something on the birth certificate / death certificate of mp make the declaration form at urgent if one year not has been passed and visit to the registrar office. Either you have to give the declaration form after the order of SDM / tehsildaar or nayab tehsildaar and you also have to pay the fees.

Application Fees after 1st January 2000 in Madhya Pradesh as per the Birth Death Registration Act 1999 –

    Registration within 21 days of death or birth – Rs. 00 (free) Registration after 21 days but within 30 days of death or birth (Rule 9 (1)) – Rs. 02 Registration after 30 days but within 1 year of death or birth (Rule 9 (2)) – Rs. 05 Registration after 1 year but within 10 years of death or birth (Rule 9(3)) (a) 1 – Rs. 1 to 20 Registration by parents within 12 months (Rule 10 (P)) – Rs. 00 (free) The occurrence of birth or death certificate to each copy – Rs. 5 In the event of birth or death certificate for issue of inaccessibility – Rs

These above fees candidate need to pay at the time of making their birth certificate in mp state see the below given process to get the application form online through using the Indore municipal corporation official portal.

How to Make Online Registration for Birth Certificate in Indore

The official website of Indore Municipal Corporation has the facility to fill the birth certificate registration Madhya Pradesh online. The applicants can fill the online application form as per following the below given step by step.

 Visit to the official website of and select the option of “Birth and Death” Certificate. This option will gives you the facility to search, application and application status of birth and death certificate. You can also check the list of hospitals on this section as well. If you want to make birth certificate click to the option of “Birth Certificate Application”

 Use the direct link page where you can get the page as the below given demo application form which you have to fill.

 Now fill the application form with your complete detail as per the below mention step by step process:

    Complete name of applicant’s Father’s name of applicant Mother’s name of applicant Date of birth in YY/MM/DD format Select gender from pull down menu Birth place select from given Fill complete permanent address Fill e-mail id and mobile number Write some remarks on the page

 After process click to the ok option and get the application form which you have to fill and need to take the printout. Now visit to the office address for submitting it and get the birth certificate.

Important Guideline –

We had given you all required information which you need to apply for birth certificate in Madhya Pradesh. Citizens are suggested to read the following mention information before going to apply for it.

A. The application form in hard copy can get through the concerned office or it can download by the Madhya Pradesh state various municipal offices or it can also get through the Samadhan centers.

B. Visit to your nearest Samadhan center for any kind of help and registration process. The Samadhan center of Madhya Pradesh also has the facility for all kinds of applications.

C. Do not pay any kind of extra money to anyone for getting fast your certificate also avoid the brokers because they can use wrong your personal information and department is not responsible for it.

D. is giving the complete information after research and department’s help. If any person has issue regarding to content can contact to the site administration via going in contact us section.

E. is giving just the way to get the certificate. The staff is not responsible to provide any kind of hard / soft copy of any certificate or document in mp state.

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