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Get a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate Online

how to get food hygiene certificate

The best and most convenient way of meeting your legal requirements for working in the food manufacturing, catering or retail sector is to get a basic food hygiene certificate online. This acts as the only proof that you’ve undergone either basic or advanced training when it comes to dealing with food handling, food preparation and food storage which are just a few of the topics covered by the food safety training.

First of all to get the certificate you will need to decide which type of certificate you need either the basic food hygiene certificate now referred to as the level 2 certificate or the level 3 food hygiene certificate. The difference between them is that the basic food hygiene training covers the absolute basics of food safety whereas the level 3 food safety courses are aimed at managers and supervisors who oversee workers.

After determining which type of food hygiene certificate you need the next step would be to find a reputable company that offers the training, luckily there are quite a

few companies in the UK that offer online training for each type of food hygiene certificate .

These companies realize that the best way to help people get a food hygiene certificate is to offer online courses so that everyone can access the training from their homes. At this point you’ll be about half way through to getting your food hygiene certificate all that’s needed is to take the course which lasts about 2 hours again this is depending on the pace you go at.

After completing the 2 hour training it’s time to take the food hygiene test which will ask you questions on everything you’ve just learned including food temperatures, cooking temperature and how to avoid food poisoning are just a few worth mentioning.

Upon successfully completing the test you will be given the option to print a temporary certificate if you need one immediately or you can wait until next day as most of the testing companies offer guarantee next day delivery of your basic food hygiene certificate .

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