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How to get free ssl certificate

how to get free ssl certificate

Security and encryption is getting ever more important in today's computer networks, being it SSL secured web sites, encryption of data or mail, secure logon to mention just a few. But security is expensive, right? Not anymore.

StartCom. the vendor and distributor of StartCom Linux Operating Systems. also operated MediaHost™, a hosting company which offered its clients SSL secured web sites with certificates signed by StartCom for many years. That's where the idea originated: Free SSL certificates!

Most web servers, such as Apache and IIS are capable of running the 128/256-bit secured and encrypted SSL protocol. Most mail clients can encrypt and sign your electronic mail messages. All you need, in most cases, is a SSL or S/MIME certificate to make it work. StartCom provides certificates through an easy web based interface wizard and sign up process - free of charge. With our installation instructions, you'll have your secured web site running or your email exchange secured within minutes.

Because we believe in the right to protect and secure information between two entities without discrimination of race, origin and financial capabilities. By applying a completely different and new business model compared to traditional certification authorities,

we are able to prove here, that digital certificates can cost much less or may be even free of charge! Instantly! Furthermore, every certificate from StartCom is insured up to US$ 10,000 if your customers were to suffer financial loss as a direct result of relying on a certificate that was issued through our negligence! This and other measures permits the visitors and customers of your site to fully rely and trust in StartCom.

Where, when?

The StartCom Certification Authority is today supported by most important platforms like Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OS X and many Linux operating systems and browsers like Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox. Safari and Google's Chrome provide built-in support. Should you be using an older or unsupported browser you may import our CA certificate.

Get Your Certificate:

Click the link(s) below for the certificate creating wizard:

1. Read the Installation Instructions,

2. Create an account at StartSSL™,

3. Run the Certificate Creation Wizard

4. Post a link to the Installation Authority Tool on your website (see F.A.Q.),

5. In case of problems consult the Forum.

»» Create your account at StartSSL™ (Web Server, Email,S/MIME and Smartcard Certificates)

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