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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system designed to assist the owners of food businesses in making sure that the food they produce and handle is safe to eat.

HACCP is critical to a business’ compliance with international and national food safety legislation. Without it, your business could inadvertently fall foul of the law.

HACCP is an excellent risk management tool that’s designed to work in conjunction with other widely-used industry management systems, like the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management. for example. HACCP has courses applicable to all sectors within the food industry including, manufacturers, processors, service operators and producers.

If your business trades internationally, HACCP certification is

particularly important as it meets the requirements of the CAC (Codex Alimentarius Commission). CAC was set up by the World Health Organisation, and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. It is designed to promote cohesion between international guidelines and codes of practice in food standards worldwide, thus ensuring an equal trading platform for all.

Your company’s HACCP certification does not end with the issue of your certificate. An enforcement officer will routinely inspect your business to make sure that you have an applicable HACCP-based food safety management system operating.

Choose a HACCP Course Provider

The first step in your quest for HACCP certification is to choose a suitable course provider.

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