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How to get insurance leads

how to get insurance leads

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Get free insurance sales leads by using free classified ads. By using this lead generation tool, you will be able to get free insurance sales leads. When writing up your ad to post to free classified ads, be sure to provide an email address, phone number and website link back to your insurance website and it's really important to let people know they can get more free information when they contact you by replying to the ad and send their contact information. This is an automatic lead generator to get more insurance sales leads.

Generate free insurance sales leads by using insurance message boards. Visit message boards relevant to the type of sales leads you want to find and post ads with a link to your website. On the ad, let people know about a specific promotion or discount that your company be having for a limited time and in

order to learn more about the promotion or discount, they will need to email you their contact information. This will entice consumers to contact you because they will want to save money and learn more about the limited time promotion or discount you are offering on insurance. This is another automatic lead generator to get more insurance sales leads.

Get free insurance sales leads by joining sales leads companies. When you sign up for a sales lead company, they normally give you free leads as a trial for their business. You may not get a lot of leads, but you will at least get a few to start. If the sales leads actually convert and in return make you money, you may want to purchase insurance leads from that company. However, if you don't, you at least have a few free leads that the company has sent you just for checking out their sales lead company.

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