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ITIL® Master Certification


This level of the certification scheme will validate your ability to apply the principles, methods and techniques from ITIL® in the workplace.

For the ITIL Master Qualification Certificate you must select one or more real-world situations and explain how you are able to apply your knowledge of ITIL to implement real solutions, and demonstrate the continued effectiveness of the solution and its benefits to the business. You will be assessed through evaluations of written submissions describing practical assignments, which will be augmented by an interview.

The Benefits of ITIL Master.

  • The certification will enable ITSM Practitioners and Managers to differentiate themselves in the industry
  • It will also provide experienced Practitioners and Managers with an opportunity to identify any areas of weakness and improvement as they prepare for the certification.

. to Organizations

  • Organizations can give an ITIL Master candidate an assignment that will be beneficial to the organization, therefore using the certification as an additional incentive for employees to take on appropriate projects
  • Organizations will gain value from the benefits achieved by the ITIL Master candidate during the proposed project or assignment
  • Employing ITIL Master’s could be seen to provide a competitive advantage
  • Organizations that have ITIL Master’s working for them can claim a level of demonstrable quality by having employees who have reached the highest standard of qualification in their field
  • The certification can be used to differentiate candidates for executive or higher management level roles.

. to the ITSM Industry

  • This challenging certification provides a basis for stability and growth and its addition to the ITIL industry will show its maturity
  • The certification will offer an investment for people wishing to make

    a career in ITSM

  • The outputs and innovation from assignments undertaken to achieve the ITIL Master certificate could be re-used to move both the industry and the people involved in it, forward.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the ITIL Master you must meet or fulfil the following entry criteria:

  • Have reached the ITIL Expert Level
  • Have worked in IT service management for at least five years in leadership, managerial, or higher management advisory levels.

You must ensure you have an extensive base of practical 'hands-on' ITIL experience to enable you to demonstrate active involvement in implementation of the practices, in order to meet the requirements for the certification.

For further details on candidate eligibility requirements please refer to the ITIL Master Qualification Candidate Guidelines .

Structure of the Certification

You will be required to complete an Application Form and send this together with your CV and a copy of your ITIL Expert certificate to us at We will then review the application and confirm whether or not your application meets the requirements and will be progressed.

If the application meets the requirements, and once payment has been taken, you will be registered on our ITIL Master online portal and login details will be sent to you.

You will then be required to submit a Proposal. If you are successful at this stage you will then be required to submit a Work Package. The final stage of the Master scheme consists of an Interview with a panel of assessors. On successful completion of the qualification, we will send you your ITIL Master Certificate and pin.

Once a completed application has been received and accepted, APMG-International will invoice you for the following:

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