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How to get leed certification

how to get leed certification

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Determine the type of LEED certification you want to obtain by reviewing guidelines provided by the USGBC. A building project must meet all prerequisites from its category to qualify for LEED certification. Certification is available for new construction and for retro-fit commercial construction, as well as for residential structures.

Develop specific sustainable building strategies that will meet the requirements of the level of LEED certification you hope to attain. This process generally involves all members of a building team. Areas to consider include the sustainability and environmental impact of site selection, water system efficiency, energy-wise power systems and building materials, and resources that have a minimal ecological impact and are sustainably grown.

Register your project with the Green Building Certification Institute and pay the applicable registration fee. This step serves as a declaration of intent to

certify a building or project, and it grants access to additional resources that may be helpful during the building and certification processes.

Complete the building or retrofitting project per the guidelines in your selected LEED certification category.

Prepare an application for certification. Each level of certification requires specific documentation, which may be accessed through the USGBC LEED certification website. As part of the application, the project manager must indicate which certification is being sought and name the specific individual or individuals responsible for executing the necessary steps outlined for certification. The application will also ask for specific details about the fundamental green aspects of the building or project seeking certification.

Upload the completed application with applicable documentation to LEED Online. If the project is approved, a certificate of certification will be received. If the certification is denied, you may appeal the decision.

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