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How to get mba certificate

how to get mba certificate

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M.S.MEHJABEEN. B Com. PGDCA. [M Com]. [B.A Hindi]

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After completion of my B.Com in regular stream at Sri Sarada College, Salem, an Autonomous college affiliated to Madras University. I got my admission at IDE Madras University during 1998 for M.Com. [ ENROLMENT 98PCM62016 ]. I completed the first year during 1999 & I failed to remit my second year fees. Since then there was a break and the University sent me my first year Transfer Certificate mentioning as first year completed without my request by 6 Feb 2003.

After joining a school as Hindi teacher I thought of doing my B.Ed. Hence I went to PSG Institution of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, on 19th Sep to collect information. I met the Co-ordinator from whom I came to know that I can continue the studies with the same equivalent scheme. On request he gave me a set of books collecting a fee of Rs.500 and gave me an University Challan to be submitted to the University as Tuition Fees. As it was the last month and the PCP center recognition has been given to Hindustan College Of Arts and Science, Nava India, Coimbatore, He asked me to contact the above in further.

I filled the Challan at SBI, [SSI Branch 3595] for Rs.1700 on 23.06.2009 and sent the relevant details through Registered post to the Director, IDE University of Madras, Chennai-600005 for pursuing my Second Year. Then I received PG Application Form [ S.No. 06780 ] from the IDE. As per the Application format Page No 11 column First table [ M.COM. FOR CANDITATES ADMITTED FROM 2001-2002 TO 2004-2005 And Also for candidates admitted from 1983-84 To 2000-2001 Under equivalent subject scheme].

1.06. Advanced cost Accounting-PBF.

2.07. Financial service and stock exchange-PBG

3.08. Human development in organization-PBH

4.09. Elective-1.International marketing-PBI

5.10. Elective-2.International Banking and foreign exchange-PBJ

The set of Five Books given to me from the Co-ordinator, PSG College, revealed the same subjects as per the prospectus and I studied the same and applied for the Examination to be held during January 2010. Because of my work load I decided to appear for Three papers during Jan 2010 and when consulting the examination section IDE they asked to fill the code as per given in the form. I duly filled the application for the subjects as below

06. Advanced cost Accounting-PBF. [Examination dtd 24.01.2010]

08. Human development in organization-PBH [Examination dtd 1.01.2010]

09. Elective-1.International marketing-PBI. [Examination dtd 06.02.2010]

After receiving the Hall ticket [No 092632 COE I/C Prof.V.Thangaraj M Sc, Ph.d], I Appeared for the examination on January 2010 and the Result was published during March, in which I passed all my three Papers and I received the Original Marks Sheet from the University of Madras. I got my Examination Application on April 2010 for the Examination to be held on June 2010 for which I filled Application for the remaining two papers. i.e.

07. Financial service and stock exchange-PBG.

[Examination dtd 06.06.2010]

10. Elective-2.International Banking and foreign exchange-PBJ. [Examination dtd 19.06.2010]

After receiving the Hall ticket [No 633740 COE Dr.T.Leo Alexander], I Appeared for the examination on June for the two papers at Hindustan College Nava India, Coimbatore. The result was published in the official website on 31.08.2010 in which it was published that I had passed the two papers securing 80, 50 in PBG and PBJ. Hence in all the Ten Papers of two years M.Com Course I have cleared my papers.

As I wanted to join the B.Ed, I resigned my job from the school to continue my course in regular stream. They asked for my certificates and the last obtained mark sheet and the Provisional Certificate for approval from the Teachers Education University before Sep 25th 2010.

I communicated to the Controller of Examination section through phone and asked the details regarding this. They informed me that the mark statement will be sent by next two weeks and if necessary A Pass Certificate will be given through the University on the payment of Rs.500 in person.

Hoping to get my Pass Certificate I went to the M.Com PG section .As soon as I met the concerned person and asked the details for getting the pass certificate, He verified my certificates and immediately asked me in a furious way that, With whose permission You have written the second year paper? I said that I seeked the advice from your former recognized study centre at Coimbatore. After listening to it he immediately throwed my certificates saying me to get the advice from the latter only. Looking at his behaviour I got stunned and started to cry at the moment. He immediately asked me to go out saying that women has got a good weapon of crying to escape from things. I pleaded saying that I came to get only the Pass Certificate and I had kept all my paid challans at home and also said that I have cleared all my dues. But it was of no use of my arguing and promising that I had paid the Tuition Fees by June 2009 itself. The Head of section took me to the FR [Financial Section 2] in the same block where the computer operator asked me the month of payment. I said that it was in the month of June 2009. He then checked the SBI account giving my name. But alas! My tuition fees remitted was not in the account and my other Second year examination fees details alone was mentioned. Even though I was sure about my Fees remittance yet there was no other way, I went to the same PG section for further move. The staff who argued with me before now said that if you want the T.C of course completion then you have to pay a sum of Rs.3500 [Rs.1700 towards Tuition Fees, Rs. 600 Readmission fees, Penalty of Rs.1200 for 12 years] I agreed to it and I paid the challan of Rs.3500 and was waiting in the PG section to show the details. At that time the Head of the section asked his assistant to get the T.C ready and the typist typed the matter and the officer signed it too. Meanwhile the person whom I have to meet came in and asked me to come after 15 days as the PG Registrar was on leave. But the assistant informed him that the senior officer had told to get the signature from the UG registrar and hand over on the same day itself. Listening to this he got furious and said unwanted things. Then at last I came out after asking the staff

to inform me when everything sets right.

Fearing that my B.Ed admission might get cancelled without my submission of certificates, I thought to have a request to The Minister of Higher Education Honourable Minister Thiru.Dr.K.Ponmudi for some consideration .The Minister had started to the airport and the Secretary asked me to go to the Secretariat to meet The Senior Personal Assistant Mr.Jeeva Sir, person with real Humanity, heard all my cases and ultimately asked me to write a declaration letter in which He signed to take things into consideration and directed me to submit the letter to the P.A to The Vice Chancellor. Thanking for His kind response I again went to The Senate Hall by 12.00 p.m on 16th Sep 2010, where I handed the letter to the Senior P.A of The Vice Chancellor. The P.A directed me to meet The P.A to The Director Mr.Yogi, who will look into the matter. Again I went to the Director office, and the P.A asked me to wait for sometime.

Discussions were going on and the PG section staff met The Director-IDE-Mr.Mohanram. God only knows the true fact. Meanwhile the staff who came out in a furious way said that, Action should be taken against you for writing the exam without paying fees and by getting the recommendation from The Minister you have to face serious problems. The amount of Penalty [Condonation of Break of Studies] which was just Rs.100 for 12 years now raised to Rs.1000 per year, and that was the biggest award for getting a requisition letter from The Ministers office. Actually this penalty itself is not true, when the prospectus page no 31 published for the year 2010-2011 clearly indicates that the candidate is to pay an amount of Rs.500 or fees in force from time to time.

Finally They asked me to pay a sum of Rs.14, 400. But I thought of meeting The Vice Chancellor to talk about this matter and request him to consider my penalty to something lower. After meeting the Senior P.A to The Vice Chancellor, I was allowed to meet in his Office. Hoping all my problems will be solved I went into the room along with my mother. But it was just a reverse case. When a Senior person like Jeeva Sir was able to listen my grievance, This great person had no time to listen .He immediately started abusing, saying that I am a cheat, a fraud and immediate action to be taken on me to cancel my degree. Like a spiritual man this great person told me my face looks like a cheater and a lady with bad character. He told me not to act too smart for getting a job in reservation given to The minorities Muslims and if I play such tactics, He will make me to stand on road helplessly. And at last he asked me to pay the full penalty fees. As at that time I had no proof of my truth I became dumb. On 17th Sep 2010 I paid the challan of Rs.10, 400.00 submitted to the PG section and got my T.C and went again to the bank to pay a challan of Rs.500 to get my pass certificate. I went to the certificate section and handed over all the Xerox copies to the concerned staff where they asked me to wait till 4.30 p.m. Waiting for a long time till 5.00 pm the ultimate answer was that the papers written by me during June 2010 is not valid and it was a duplication of the previous paper already written and again I have to reappear for two more papers to get my degree completed.

On 18th sep 2010 I met the staff of State Bank of India, Kurichi Branch, Coimbatore to confirm my remittance of fees. He checked the profile and By Gods grace I was true and on 23rd June 2009 my amount has been credited to the IDE SBI Account No 30257687462. On searching I found out my Students copy at my home too.

My humble questions and request are as follows ;

1. How is it so that my fees remitted has vanished from the university account?

2. When I wished to complete a course will I cheat in any way by not paying my fees promptly ?

3. If recognition has been given to start their study center, whether the candidates should rely on the information given by them or not. Because the staff had said that they do not have much knowledge.

4. How is it so that the first three papers for the Second Year PBF, PBH, PBI are correct and the next two papers PBG, PBJ as per application format for the second year is not valid?

5. If my Tuition fees had not been paid then how can the University send me the application for the examination after a gap of 10 years?

6. A penalty of Rs.1000 per year was collected for 12 years i.e from 1998-2010.When my course was for 2 years i.e. till 2000 and the T.C was sent to me on 2003 as first year completed and again I got admission by 2009, it is only for a period of 9 years.

7. As per declaration said by the staff, given by the former VC please let us know how many fateless persons have paid a Penalty of Rs.1000 per year paid for Break in studies?

8. Whether It is the response of the concerned staff to send the equivalent subject code and if errors creep in, which has department has to rectify it ?

9. Why did they send the repeated code papers, value the papers and publish the results.

10. Please tell who will be held responsible for all these mistakes and the mental torture given to me from university side for all the three days?

11.What will be the action taken against these irresponsible persons, remedies to me regarding my certificates, and compensation ?

12.Whether a Muslim lady who has come all alone from far of place has no shelter nor room for courtesy?

Sir A detail Fax with enclosure of my Challan [Paid on 23.06.2009 itself] to prove my truth was sent to the Vice Chancellor University of Madras on 21st Sep 2010. After that I have sent all the Xerox copies to the VC, IDE DIRECTOR and the IDE COE to make me know how my Second Year admission was not taken into account. But till the day [a break of 18 days] I haven’t received any intimation from the University.

Which has now proved like the Vice Chancellor who told me that he will make me roam on road helplessly.

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