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How to get medicaid insurance

how to get medicaid insurance

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Apply for Medicaid. While this may seem like common sense, it can be a very detailed process. The application itself can seem like a book, and will ask many questions regarding yourself and those in your household. Be sure to answer every question honestly. If Medicaid officials find out at any time that you have lied, you can be charged with fraud. Once you have filled out your application, you will then be given an appointment to come back and speak with a Medicaid worker who will determine your eligibility.

Bring proof of identity. This is not just for yourself, but for your children as well if you are applying for them. They will generally require a photo identification for you, along with your Social Security card. For your children, you will need their Social Security cards and birth certificates.

Bring proof of income. If you are unemployed due to a disability, you must show proof of that disability and any income you receive because of it. If you are unemployed due to recently losing your job and collect unemployment, you must show proof of your unemployment. If you are employed, you will need to show four consecutive weeks of pay stubs from your employer. This will help

them determine whether or not you fall within the income guidelines. If you are pregnant, you must have proof of pregnancy from your doctor.

Show proof of bills. This not only proves your residency, but will also prove how much you pay out every month. You will want to bring either a copy of your lease or a copy of a rent receipt, and utility bills such as your electric and phone bill. They will not count cable television as a bill. If you have a car payment, bring proof of that, as well as proof of your insurance payments each month. These bills will offset your income.

Begin a child support case. If you have children you are not receiving child support for, you may be required to speak with someone in the child support unit and open a child support case against the father before you will be approved for Medicaid. Child support does not actually have to be received before your Medicaid case is approved, Medicaid staffers just need to see that you are taking action to receive it before they can complete your Medicaid application. This process is generally a half an hour, and proof of the opened child support case is given to your worker within a day or two.

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