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I have car insurance with Swinton and it's amount to expire. I got the usual renewal notice from them, then I got another, then another. Cant blame them for trying I guess.

Today I got a call on my mobile asking if I wanted to go ahead with the proposed renewal. I told the girl that if I did, I would have replied to one of the letters that they had sent me and I hung up. A few seconds later she called again, so I put her to answer phone, she rang 4 more times within 5 minutes so I eventually answered and told her very clearly that I was not interested and hung up again. She called again a few seconds later. By now I was getting annoyed so I answered and asked her why she kept calling me when I had already made it very clear that I wasnt interested. She said 'but you havent listed to what I have to say' - I told her that I couldnt care less about what she had to say and hung up again.

She called 3 or 4 more times so each time I answered the call but just left the phone on the table and didnt respond to her.

Eventually I got so wound up by her that i decided to do the same to her and so i called her several times and asked if she wanted to buy a dog. she very quickly became annoyed with this (mission accomplished) and then said that I shouldnt do this to her because she has all my personal info on the screen infront of her. Basically, she was threatening me (maybe she will send the boys round later) anyway I decided that enough was enough and called the swinton head office to complain. I told the complaints guy what had happened and he said he would look into it and get back to me. Sure enough, 30 mins later he called back and said that according to the girl I had called her and was abusive and as such he rejected my complaint. I told him to listen to the recordings of the calls and he said 'unfortunately we only record a small % of calls and yours have not been recorded'- very convenient.

Anyway thats enough ranting from me. Swinton lost a customer forever and hopefully a few more because of this complaint.

The girl's name is Louise and she works at the Hitchin branch of Swinton.

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I cant believe that Swinton get away with as much as they do they are and absolute disgrace!

I had a company car for many years so had no no claims bonus, so decided to piggy back on my ex wifes policy with Swinton.

Last year when the policy was coming up for renewal after 3 years, we decided to ensure my car through a different broker.

My wife was as previously reported above was bombarded by sales calls and on each ocaision told the Swinton sales person that she was not going to renew the joint policy for both are cars and would be taking out a much smaller one just for hers.

She subsequently did decide to buy a policy from Swinton for her car at the end of October 2009 and I went elsewhere for mine at the same time.

Low and behold she gets a letter a couple of weeks later from Swinton saying that she has defaulted on the premium installment for the RENEWED policy for BOTH cars.

She calls the writer and explains that she had told several sales callers that she was not renewing and had taken out a new policy just for her car, and is told that she had to tell the local branch!!

Swinton then demand proof that alternative insurance has been taken out for my car otherwise they will charge a cancellation fee.

I duly fax them a copy of my insurance certificate, and 2 weeks later my ex gets another threatening letter saying that further costs have been incurred a they have not received a copy of my insurance (even though I have a Fax receipt). I then send it again to another Swinton drone, who assures me that if he gets it the matter will be closed, and I call him after I've sent it and he confirms he has received it.

A couple of weeks later another letter again advising the costs are still outstanding, and a few weeks after that a call from a firm called TNC Legal Services threatening legal action.

Again they ask for proof of alternative insurance to be faxed to Swinton and this time with a copy to them.

I duly oblige and even the TNC guy cant explain what the basis of Swintons continued claim is.

But none the less a couple of weeks later my ex gets another letter from TNC which arrives on the 29/1/2010, dated the 21/1/2010 and giving 7 days notice of legal action unless she pays £179.29!

See you in court boys.

I came to get a new car from work so called Swinton at Oldham to cancell my policy I was told I would need to pay £50 to cancell the policy, Ok i agreed as you have just had a direct debit payment the same day for £61 you can refumd the £11 and keep the 50 as they collect payments in advance the snotty nosed girl then went on to lecture me that the direct debit was theirs and that i had to pay £50 extra I disagreed and asked to speak to the manager, she said she was the manager but I knew this was a blatent lie as I had spoken to the manager the week before when I told her she was lying and that I knew the manager she said she no longer worked there! Isaid ok i'll come in to see you in person and was about to hang up, She became flustered andstarted shouting down the phone that Iwas using abusive language and making threats. I asked what she was talking about but she was in full throttle defense mode stating If I came to the Oldham branch she would call the police! I started to laugh becuse I presumed correctly that it was a ploy to get a co worker to listen in, So I waited for herr to take a breath and told them in a cool calm voice that I RECORD ALL telephone calls with all companies I deal with for my protection!

She then went on to say I was breaking the law that I was not allowed to record her voice, I pointed out that they do the same and that it is not illegal but cannot be used in court except to defend myself and as she was accusing me of making threats then I had every right to record the call, I also pointed out I'd be at the shop within 30 mins, I turned up at the shop which had 3-4 customers present, I was ushered quickly into a back office to be faced by two red faced women whom went on to regale me with stories about how the girl was stressed and suffering personal problems but both failed to apologise until I demanded one! I told them lying to customers is the ultimate insult and to lie to a solicitor was a BIG mistake. I then went on to demand a business cheque for £11 and a letter typed out and signed before me to say that I was clear of any debts.

Imagine my surprise 2 days later when I recieved a demand letter from the same manager for a £50 cancelation fee. I knew straight away what was going to happen and so I ignored that and the following 5 letters. I then recieved the letters from TNC and 3 phone calls all of which I answered and informed them of the day at the Swinton Branch and of the letter she signed each time I was asked to forward a copy to them which I declined to do as their client was instructing them and it was up to TNC to make sure the demand was not spurious! The demands were now for £125 after 2 months of further letters and increasing costs I recieved a summons from Northampton County court for £370 I filled in the summons to ask for the case to be heared at my local county court having denied thet I owed anything and returned it. I recieved a call from TNC asking why I asked for the case to be head before the court and not just paid it. I told him if I sent him an invoice fo £370 that he did not owe he said and I quote "I would if it stopped a court hearing" I explained I was a solicitor and wanted a hearing so I could claim expense for the day he laughed and hung up.

Well the hearing was moved to my local court and I attended with a close friend who is a Barrister, We found that TNC sent a clerk to the court and when he realised I was a solicitor and my friend was a barrister hr went through the charade of offering me a discount If I paid there and then, it was our turn to laugh as he turned beetroot red when we said not only were we going before the court but we would also be presenting evidence that proves our case signed by the branch manager! So we would request an adjournment and a summons to be issued to have the manager and her friend attend the court! Well the Bright Young Thing scarpered to make a call he came back to say they no longer worked at Swinton. Funny I said as she answered the phone this morning! I then warned him most judges take a dim veiw of people lying to them in court! He disappeared again and came back rather flushed to say the company stood by it's decision to proceed.

So into court we go The BYT had his say and twice had to be told how to address the judge! I then gave the judge my address (opening speech) and handed over to the barrister whom asked the judge to accept into evidence my recording, the letter and the fact that the BYT had just lied in open court about both women no longer working

there, and to accept the recording taken that morning of my call, The BYT went ashen and looked pyhsicaly sick, The judge looked and listened to the evidence he looked at the BYT and said he would deal with his contempt after the case was heard, poor lad he had pained look on his face! So the judgement was in my favour as follows

Dissmissal of claim.
Awardment of expenses :
Visit to Oldham 1 hour @£200
Dealing with letters and calls 8 hours @ £200= £1600
Day at court 8 hours @£200= £1600
Barristers fees 8 hours @ £1000 per hour= £8000

Total expenses against TMC £11, 400 awarded to myself and he made the judgment final so no appeals could be lodged in court!
The BYT was summond to appear at magistraites court and was find £150 and given 20 hours community service for contempt of court and attempting to pervert the course of justice but best of all he can no longer take the BAR and will never be a solicitor!

I recieved the cheque within a week with a letter of apolgy from TNC and one from Swinton which stated they had dissmissed the girl who took the call and demoted the manager, I don't know if they did but I presume they will think twice before lying again!
In the 4 years I was with Swinton I paid £3489.90 in premiums so I enjoyed aHoliday to Dubai with my windfall Thank you TMC and Swinton.
P.s Do not take what they say and don't be afraid to persue the matter further!

None of these complaints surprise me at all.

I just arrived in the UK from abroad for many years. Bought a car and using the Internet web site got SUCKERED into buying the cheapest. fool that I was.

I'd not had a claim in decades and had the proof from the US based insurer.

Got a web based cover note from them in addition to my dealers first week car insurance. Then Swintons letter came asking me for proof of No claims bonus so I email it over. First Wendy in their Windsor office tells me they have NO email! I sent it over and every question I answer results in a threat of cancellation. They tell me I am canceled as I am not allowed to leave my car unattended in a secure car park for more than a reasonable holiday time.

I am told to wait for their Manchester office to ring me with a special risk policy which might take lay up cars and US no claims bonus.

Very rude cancellation letter arrives and in 5 days not w rod from Manchester. Instead I ring Wendy and ask WHERE in their policy it excludes laid up cars? No where! So they rescind the cancellation stil awaiting Manchesters phone call AND a 700 rise in insurance premium.

I give up and go to a local broker in Maidenhead, sit down with them and they treated my like my ADVOCATE not adversary. I secure within an hour new insurance for 900 with a well respected insurance carrier who honoured my US no claims bonus and DISCOUNTED my laid up car. for FAR LESS than Swinton.

Cancelled Swinton flat and got a refund of £150 less than I paid due to cancellation fee and 3 days coverage. They tried to cancel on me and could not provide a policy. And it's my fault?
Called their customer service department, what an oxymoron. All they did was told me I was at fault and LIED when applying for insurance over the web site.

DO NOT BUY THEIR COVERAGE. ABSOLUTE CROOKS. If they are breaking the law, why indeed have they not been put out of their misery? I am contacting the ombudsman and hope to get relief there.


i recieved a quate from swinton after thry cearched they sai thet were the cheapedt quatewich was £536.84 they charged me drivers legal protection £54.00 wichi never asked for thenbreakdown polisy i didnt ask for intrest charge £57.52 while ipaid by direct debit and this wae for a citroenzx leader1.4 hatchback im 40 yr old with no claims held licence for 17yr then after 6 payments theyd realised theyd made a mistske and dropped my payments to £30 per mnth i have now got a ford focus ztec 16 valve 1800cc and my quate from e, sure was £363 around £38 per month i feel i was given disonest and false info how do i get my complaint across and take action /michael brannigan 84 tudhoe moor est spennymoor co/durham dl16 6ha mob 07522626034 / thank you m.brammigan


i took out insurance with swinton ins they trawled ins companies and said they had the best offer £536.84 then they charged me for breakdown policy£15.00 service charge£15 although i paid by direst debit /intresy charge£57.52 all of wich i didnt want i paid monthly instalments of£50.00 foe a citreon zx leader 1400 cc im 40 yrs old with no claims bonus held clean licence for 17 yrs then theyd realised they made a mistake and dropped my payments to£30.00 per mnth after around 6 payments /i have just recieved a quate from e, sure for a ford focus 1800cc 16 valve a much bigger engine and newer car i feel swinton gave me false and disshonest information where and who do i see about this complaint the insurance omnbudsman maybe could you offer any advide please thank you m. brannigan 38/1/11

This is a copy of an email I have written to the underwriters for swinton insurance mean as its pointless talking to the children on the phone who don't listen and who are arrogant and rude.

I write to you today because I'm sick to death of contacting Swinton Insurance and them messing my policy up which I believe you are the underwriters for?
Bike Reg.
Policy Holder: ash

PLEASE Please can you or someone deal with what I have to say I'am getting nowhere with the complete fools at swinton insurance from start to finish I have had problem after problem, not only did they charge me a cancellation fee when I never even cancelled my bike insurance all I did was buy a new bike and I ended up being sent to a debt collector where my wife paid a fee. but You have sent me a letter out with and my insurance certificate out in 2 totally different address's for about the 3rd time now.

Please forward this to Swinton as for some reason I can find an email address for them, and since they have for the second/third time sent me insurance certificates out with my wrong address I thought I best right and spell it out to them!!

Since all this I have now moved in with my wife so as a gesture of good will from yourselves I expect no charge for the address I'am about to give you that needs to go on my insurance certificate that is underwritten by yourselves, and a Formal apology and money off my policy for Swintons Admin errors and advisor errors on so many occasions, they have such a laid back attitude to all this its unreal.

New Permanent Address is as of 28.01.2011:
23 blah blah
Bpp ppp
Please can someone who knows what they are doing put my insurance certificate and covering letter/welcome pack into this address only
My Bike is now kept under cover on my driveway at night as apposed to on the main road.

The 2 addresses I have on my documents but the most important being on the motor insurance certificate itself that by LAW should be correct by yourselves and swinton is: 12 blah blah street, I did used to live there but then moves temp to flat blah blah. which is the address you have on my covering letter.

You have my address WRONG on the motor ins cert anyway, so may aswell put it to my permanent address that I have just moved to above in Red Thank you.

So to recap please forward this to Swinton Bike insurance, apologies you have had the brunt of this email but I have been messed around so much by swinton I can not wait for my insurance to be up, in fact I am thinking of writing to the consumer watchdog about the problems I have had from start to finish and that they passed money I supposedly owed to a debt collection agency! I only told them I would be buying a New Bike, never did I say to cancel my policy! I'm extremely annoyed about this whole situation.

We were bullied into breakdown cover also, offering free for a few months, we dont want itm bullied into paying the debt collector money when swintons advisor obviously had no interest I was getting a new bike which I got within 2/3 weeks of selling my apache 125cc, all over google are swinton and how awful they are treating customers, so prove us wrong and correct all this please.

Again apologies you have the brunt but you are the underwriters of Swinton and I am sick of speaking to the ignorant people on the phone who only seemed interested in taking my wifes money than listening to my address.

This is the address we have on our policy certificate:

Brentwood (Registered Office and Head Office)
Library House
New Road
CM14 4GD

and swinton who we went with is:

This is a copy of an email I have just sent to the underwriters of swinton, as I can not find any email address for swinton themselves and we are sick of calling them, waste of space and money grabbers. I have changed the address's in the email above, but everything else is what we have a problem with Swinton Insurance with, I could go on with how bad they are because they would only take off the £50 cancellation fee (which I never cancelled to begin with) if I took out the new policy there and then and paid a deposit then they passed me through to there debt collection where my wife paid the remaining £18 for what I dont know! they are bullies. DO NOT INSURE WITH THEM.

If it helps anyone I sent my complaints so far by email to:
because the underwriter on my swinton certificate is red star equity group and I also emailed the next stage up if you still remain unhappy to.

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