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Wedding Insurance Reviews

It’s no wonder why Markel American beat out the rest due to its flexible policies that protect against all different kinds of unpredictable disasters. Markel American has a variety of options offering 10 different levels of cancellation coverage. If you’re looking to get married outside of the United States, their wedding insurance is a prime choice, as they cover weddings in the U.K. Mexico, and the Caribbean. Not to mention, if you decide to buy liability and cancellation/postponement coverage at the same time, they offer you a 15% discount. At an affordable cost, it makes Markel American wedding insurance well worth looking into.

The Best Wedding Cancellation / Postponement Insurance Provider

If you’re looking for the best in terms of Cancellation / Postponement coverage, look no further because Wedsure is the top choice. Their a la carte approach allows you to mix and match coverage options, making it flexible to your needs. Their customized wedding insurance policy protects you against all kinds of unexpected disasters, including inclement weather, military deployment, and illness or injury.

We compiled a list of 19 wedding insurance companies and chose 6 of the best to review based on 37 of the most important features.

What wedding insurance features matter and why

Covered Events

Covered Events explains the types of wedding events that are covered under the insurance policy. In most cases, this includes the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception. Many companies also reimburse policyholders for any nonrefundable costs related to the honeymoon if the wedding is cancelled or postponed due to a covered event.

The best wedding insurance providers also cover weddings that take place in popular places outside the U.S. such as the Caribbean. This is an important category because it tells a lot about the coverage offered by the insurance provider. However, most companies perform well in this area, so it may not be a deciding factor.

The most important covered events
  • Destination Weddings – The insurance provider covers destination weddings that occur outside of the U.S.
  • Honeymoon – The insurance provider covers your honeymoon if it is delayed or cancelled due to your wedding being postponed or cancelled.
  • Rehearsal Dinner – The insurance provider covers the rehearsal dinner.
  • Wedding Ceremony – The insurance provider covers the wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding Reception – The insurance provider covers the wedding reception.

Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage insures policyholders against any damage done to people or property during the wedding. Many venues now require individuals to purchase liability coverage in case any accidental property damage should occur. Host liquor liability is available as an add-on with most companies. This protects the policyholder from being liable for any accidents that result from alcohol consumption at the wedding.

Wedding liability insurance is the most common type of coverage and what most people look for when they think of wedding insurance, so this category is definitely worth paying close attention to.

The most important liability coverage
  • Host Liquor Liability – The insurance provider covers any damages or injuries that result from alcohol-related accidents.
  • Injury – The insurance provider covers any injuries a guest receives while attending your wedding.
  • Property Damage – The insurance provider covers any damage that a guest or vendor does to the venue or other property.

Additional Coverage

Additional Coverage refers to the extra protections the insurance provider offers in case a problem arises before or during the wedding. For example, if the bride’s dress is lost or the wedding rings are damaged, the wedding insurance provider pays to replace these items. The same thing goes for event photos that don’t turn out well and vendors who cancel at the last minute. Should the worst happen and the wedding gets called off, the best wedding insurance providers also pay for any costs related to professional counseling sought out by the bride or groom.

While all these offerings can be useful, they’re not essential to a wedding insurance policy, so this category may not be as important to some.

The most important additional coverage options
  • Counseling Services – The insurance provider covers any professional counseling that may be needed following the cancellation of the wedding.
  • Event Photos and Videos – The insurance provider covers the professional photos and videos you have taken at your wedding.
  • Jewelry – The insurance provider covers lost or damaged wedding rings.
  • Special Attire – The insurance provider covers lost or damaged clothing meant to be worn by members of the wedding party.
  • Vendor No Show/Cancellation – The insurance provider covers the costs of hiring a new vendor if yours suddenly cancels or doesn’t show up.
  • Wedding Gifts – The insurance provider covers lost or stolen wedding gifts.

Cancellation/Postponement Coverage

Cancellation/Postponement Coverage lists the covered reasons for cancelling or postponing the wedding. The most common reasons are severe weather and damage to or bankruptcy of the venue. If the bride, groom, or another essential member of the wedding falls

ill or sustains a serious injury, this is covered under most cancellation/postponement insurance policies.

Some companies also offer additional coverage options, like Change of Heart coverage, which means the wedding is covered if the bride or groom decides not to go through with the marriage. This type of insurance isn’t as common as wedding liability insurance, but it may appeal to some consumers, particularly those with very expensive weddings.

The most important cancellation/postponement coverage
  • Change of Heart – The insurance provider covers cancellations or postponements if either the bride or the groom has a change of heart.
  • Illness/Injury – The insurance provider covers cancellations or postponements due to the illness or injury of an essential member of the wedding party.
  • Inclement Weather – The insurance provider covers cancellations or postponements due to severe weather conditions.
  • Military Deployment – The insurance provider covers cancellations or postponements if the bride or groom’s military leave is unexpectedly withdrawn.
  • Transportation Issues – The insurance provider covers cancellations or postponements if transportation issues make an essential member of the wedding party unable to attend.
  • Venue Damage/Bankruptcy – The insurance provider covers cancellations or postponements due to damage to or bankruptcy of the venue.

Claim Management

Claim Management discusses how a policyholder files a claim with the insurance provider. In many cases, individuals must contact the company by phone where they’ll be connected with an agent who gets started on the claim filing process. Some companies also offer online claim filing or filing via email. Though everyone hopes filing a claim isn’t going to be necessary, this category is still relatively important because it’s crucial to understand what to do should unexpected problems arise.

The most important claim management featuers
  • Downloadable Form – You can access a claim form online.
  • Email – You can file a claim via email.
  • Phone – You can file a claim over the phone.

Getting Started

Getting Started examines how individuals are able to get quotes and purchase wedding insurance policies. The majority of companies enable their customers to get quotes and purchase a policy entirely online. Some also give individuals the option of speaking to an agent and buying their policy over the phone.

Should a policyholder need to make changes to their wedding insurance after purchasing it, this can be done through an online account on the company’s website. This is another fairly important category because it has a large impact on how easy it is to purchase a policy from the wedding insurance provider.

The most important getting started features
  • Online Account – You can create an online user account where you are able to change your information, pay your bill, and more.
  • Online Quote – You can get a quote for your wedding insurance online.
  • Policy Purchase – Online – You can purchase your wedding insurance policy online.
  • Policy Purchase – Phone – You can purchase your wedding insurance policy over the phone.

Learning Materials

Learning Materials are the online resources the wedding insurance company provides to educate customers about wedding insurance and their policies. In most cases, this is limited to an FAQ page on the company’s website.

A few of the best wedding insurance providers also host blogs dedicated to wedding-related topics or have knowledge bases with more detailed answers to common questions. This material is certainly going to be useful to individuals who are new to wedding insurance, but it’s also information that can be found elsewhere on the web, so it won’t play a critical role in anyone’s decision-making process.

The most important learning materials
  • Blog – The insurance provider publishes a blog discussing useful, industry-related topics.
  • FAQs – The insurance provider offers a list of answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Knowledge Base – The company provides a knowledge base of detailed help articles.


Support encompasses the different ways policyholders are able to communicate with the wedding insurance company. Email and phone support will be the preferred methods for most people, but social media is another option for quick questions. Live chat isn’t particularly common among wedding insurance providers, but it is available with a few companies.

This category isn’t as important as some of the others because, once a policy is purchased, there’s really no need to contact the company unless a file is actually claimed.

The most important support features
  • Email/Ticket – You can contact the insurance provider through email or a ticket system for support.
  • Live Chat – You can contact the insurance provider via live chat for support.
  • Phone – You can contact the insurance provider by phone for support.
  • Social Media – You can contact the insurance provider through social media.

Choosing the right wedding insurance for you

Though all of the companies mentioned above offer wedding insurance, a select few stand out from the rest by excelling in one particular area. These insurance providers are highlighted in the lists below.

The 3 Best Wedding Cancellation/Postponement Insurance Providers of 2015

November 11, 2015

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