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Looking to protect your home or investment property? Compare home insurance options from Youi and apply

Youi specialises in offering a wide range of insurance policies that can be tailor-made to suit the needs of different customers. Perhaps best known for its car insurance, Youi also offers a selection of home insurance options so that you can cover your home and your treasured possessions against risks like storm, flood, fire and theft.

Youi’s range of home insurance options includes Building & Contents Insurance, Building Insurance, Contents Insurance and Landlord Insurance. A wholly owned subsidiary of OUTsurance International Holdings Pty Limited, which in turn is part of the Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings Group, Youi Pty Ltd is a registered general insurance company and underwrites the policies it offers.

Save up to 31% Youi home insurance if you have a new home

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Comparison of Youi Home Insurance Policies

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Youi Home Insurance Cover Options

  • Building & Contents Insurance. Designed to offer ultimate peace of mind, Youi Building & Contents Insurance protects your residence and all the important possessions that help make it a home. It covers your home and contents against loss or damage caused by theft, fire, earthquake, explosion, riot, storm, flood, escaping water, impact and intentional damage. Cover is also included for your legal liability, the cost of emergency repairs, temporary accommodation expenses for up to 12 months, clean up and professional fees, building modifications and funeral expenses. Your contents are even covered while outside, while in storage and while in transit.
  • Building Insurance. Youi Building Insurance protects your home against loss or damage caused by theft, fire, earthquake, explosion, riot, storm, flood, escaping water, impact and intentional damage. Legal liability, clean up and professional fees, and emergency repairs to make the building safe are all covered, as are temporary accommodation costs for up to 12 months and building modification expenses. Other benefits include cover for locks and keys, broken glass and ceramics, and funeral expenses.
  • Contents Insurance. Youi Contents Insurance covers your belongings against loss or damage caused by an extensive range of insured events. These include theft, fire, earthquake, explosion, riot, storm, flood, escaping water, impact and intentional damage. Your contents are also covered outside, in storage, in transit and while you move, while cover is also available for legal liability, temporary accommodation costs and funeral expenses. Other benefits include cover for food spoilage, broken glass and ceramics, locks and keys, sporting awards and tenants liability.
  • Landlord Insurance. Youi Landlord Insurance offers all the same covers as a Building Insurance policy, but with some extra benefits included especially for landlords. Loss of rent is covered for up to 12 months if your property is not fit for tenants to live in following an insured event, while cover is also provided for any furniture and furnishings a landlord provides for their tenant.

o stands for "cover option" and (o) stands for "Covered subject to acceptance"

Youi Home Insurance Levels of Cover

Youi Home Insurance policies offer protection for the following losses:

  • Theft. Loss or damage caused by theft, attempted theft or burglary at the insured premises are covered, but no cover is available for theft from unlocked garages, common areas or by people you allow onto the premises.
  • Fire. Loss or damage caused to the property by accidental fire is covered, as are loss or damage caused by soot or smoke from a bushfire or an accidental fire within 10 metres of the building.
  • Earthquake. This benefit covers loss or damage caused by earthquake, landslip, volcanic eruption, tsunami or hydrothermal activity.
  • Explosion. Loss or damage to the insured property caused by accidental explosion is covered, but there is no cover available for loss or damage to the item that exploded.
  • Riot. This benefit provides cover when the insured property suffers loss or damage due to riot or civil commotion.
  • Storm. Youi’s home insurance policies cover loss or damage caused by storm, lightning, wind, hail, snow and water overflow from roof gutters or their downpipes. However, no cover is available for storms during the first 72 hours of your policy except under special circumstances.
  • Flood. Loss or damage caused by flood are covered, but tides, actions of the sea and rising damp are excluded.
  • Escaping water. Loss and damage caused by water that suddenly escapes or that escapes slowly over time (only if you could not have been reasonably aware of it) are both covered.
  • Impact. This benefit guarantees cover for loss or damage to insured property caused by impact, but there is no cover available for contents located outside the home, or for damage to driveways or paths caused by road vehicles.
  • Intentional damage. This benefit provides cover for intentional damage by anyone not living at the premises.
  • Legal liability. $20 million of legal liability cover is available under both the Youi Building Insurance policy and Youi Contents Insurance policy.
  • Emergency repairs. This benefit provides cover for the cost of emergency repairs needed to prevent further loss or damage or to make your building safe and secure.
  • Clean up and professional fees. This benefit covers up to 20 per cent of the buildings sum insured for the cost of demolishing and removing debris from the premises, plus the professional fees of an engineer, architect or surveyor.
  • Temporary accommodation. While your buildings are being repaired or rebuilt, Youi will cover your temporary accommodation costs for up to 12 months. In cases where a local authority instructs you to evacuate in an emergency, up to 30 days of cover is provided.
  • Building modifications. If an insured event leads to someone who lives at the premises suffering permanent paraplegia or quadriplegia, cover is available for necessary modifications to the premises.
  • Funeral expenses. This benefit provides cover for funeral costs if a household member dies as a result of an insured event.
  • Contents outside and contents in storage. Youi offers cover for your belongings located outside your home but at the premises, and for your items in storage.
  • Food spoilage. Youi covers loss or damage to perishable food or medicines kept in a fridge or freezer.
  • Broken glass and ceramics. The cost of replacing broken glass or ceramic either fitted at the premises or that forms part of your contents is covered.
  • Locks and keys. If the keys to your home are stolen, Youi covers the cost of replacing keys and locks to external doors and windows.
  • Contents in transit. While you’re in the process of moving to another address, loss or damage to your contents in transit are covered.
  • Cover while you move. When you move to a new address, you have 14 days of cover for loss or damage to your contents caused by an insured event.

Youi also offers a selection of optional covers that you can choose to add to your policy. These include:

  • Burnout of electric motors. This benefit provides cover when you need to repair or replace cost of burnt out electric motors following mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown or failure.
  • Pet injury. This benefit covers vet fees when your cat or dog suffers an accidental injury.
  • Jewellery at home. You can take out cover for your jewellery against insured events that happen at your home.
  • Portable contents upgrade. This optional extra covers loss or damage to your portable personal items anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, and in any other country as long as your overseas stay doesn’t exceed 45 days. This type of cover is also available for mobile phones and tools of trade.
  • Accidental damage. This benefit covers accidental damage to your home (if you have buildings cover) and accidental damage to contents inside your home and to outdoor furniture (if you have contents cover).
  • Fixtures and fittings upgrade. Available for owners of premises that are part of a strata title building, this optional extra allows you to upgrade your level of cover for kitchen and bathroom units, floorboards, tiles, external blinds and cooling systems.
  • Lessee/tenant default and damage. Available with Youi Landlord Insurance, this additional benefit provides cover when your tenant falls behind on the rent, is responsible for theft or damage, or for your legal expenses following a tenant;s default, damage or theft.
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General Exclusions

Your Youi Home Insurance claim will not be paid if:

  • It relates to loss or damage to any illegal property or item
  • It is for legal liability for death or personal injury where the third party should be insured under a statutory compensation fund or scheme
  • You admit liability
  • It is caused by intentional or deliberate acts or omissions by you or someone covered by the policy
  • It arises due to any illegal activity
  • It is for fines, penalties or exemplary damages
  • It relates to the lawful repossession, confiscation or destruction of any property
  • It relates to any event that occurred outside Australia
  • It is for wear and tear, rust or rising damp
  • It is caused by poor or faulty design, materials or workmanship
  • It relates to an act of war
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How Much Does Youi

Home Insurance Cost?

The following factors will affect the cost of your Youi Home Insurance premium:

  • The construction type of your building and the materials used. For example, some materials may be more prone to suffering storm damage.
  • Where your home is located. Certain risks may be more prevalent in specific areas, for example storm or theft.
  • The sum insured. The higher your sum insured, the more you will have to pay for cover.
  • The extra benefits you include. Including extra benefits on your policy will attract an extra premium.
  • Your payment method. Contact Youi for information on the cheapest way to pay your premiums.
  • Your claims history. Youi will take your claims history into account when calculating the cost of your home insurance policy.
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Youi Home Insurance Excess

You’ll need to pay an excess for every claim you make under your Youi Home Insurance policy. A basic excess will apply to each claim you make, and the amount of basic excess you need to pay will be displayed on your policy schedule. You may also need to pay an additional excess in certain circumstances, the exact details of which will be explained on your policy schedule.

How to Save on Your Youi Home Insurance Policy

  • Choose a lower level of cover. Consider whether you really want comprehensive Building & Contents Insurance, or whether you may be better off taking out just one of Buildings Cover or Contents Cover.
  • Limit your optional extras. Minimising the amount of additional options you include on your policy will help keep premiums down.
  • Choose a higher excess. This will result in lower premiums.
  • New home discount. You can save up to 47 per cent off the cost of cover if your home was built after 2005.

Making a Youi Home Insurance Claim

If you need to make a claim on your Youi policy, take note that you will need to make a separate claim for each incident. If an insured event occurs, make sure that you take all reasonable steps to minimise your loss or damage, while you’ll also need to allow Youi to view any damaged property that you are claiming for.

It’s also important that you report any theft or accidents to the police as soon as possible, and that you do not admit any liability or blame. If Youi requests further information or documentation to support your claim, you must supply this within a reasonable timeframe.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that Youi has the choice to settle your claim in many ways. For example, if you claim for loss or damage to a building, the insurer may pay for the cost of repair or rebuilding, pay you for the cost of repair or rebuilding, rebuild your home to the same size and quality as before you made the claim, or any combination of these options.

FAQs You May Have About Youi

Q. How can I pay my premiums?

  • Youi Home Insurance premiums can be paid annually or monthly via direct debit from a bank account or from a Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Q. Is accidental damage cover included?

  • Accidental damage cover is available as an optional extra on Youi Building and Contents Insurance policies.

Q. Are floods covered?

  • Yes. Youi covers loss or damage to your home and contents caused by flood.

Q. Are my contents covered if I take them away from home?

  • You have the option of adding cover for personal portable items to your policy for an extra premium.

Q. How much are my building and contents insured for?

  • You are able to nominate the total sums insured for your building and contents when you apply for cover.

Youi Home Insurance is worth considering if you’re looking to protect the roof over your head and your most important possessions, so compare Youi’s policy features with those offered by other insurers today.

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