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How to get my group certificate

how to get my group certificate

“Getting Copy of Russian Birth Certificate for my Stepson”

Plymouth, Minnesota

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May 29, 2010, 9:18 PM

Not exactly a "Trip" topic, BUT. it will be soon for my Russian stepson who is "lucky" enough to have been bron in 1974 such that the only way for him to get back to his native country NOW after some changes is either get all his old Russian citizenship "refreshed" (he is US citizen now, and came over as a minor on his Mom's passport- never had his own) - i.e, receive a new Russian international passport. He is close, but it seems his Mom lost the only copy of his required birth certificate.

So, to some of those extremely helpful Russian contributors. HELP.

What would the process be for him to a copy of his birth certificate. the "Catch 22" (zakoldovannii krug) is that of course he could get this if only he could a) come to Moscow, and/or b)otherwise prove his

identity, which, if he could do either, we would not have this problem.

I will be coming over in early July, and could be his "courier", but I am an American, and there is not an immediate provable "connection" as I did not formally adopt him.

Last but not least. he was actually born in the Far East, but my Russian wife seems to think he could somehow get something in Moscow. So, is this simply a "letter" (or more official "zapros", and if so, is there going to be an issue with stuff like notarization.

I hate to think he is totally trapped and would be forced to renounce his Russian citizenship, which in any event (back to Catch 22) would be difficult since the local US Consulate likely would say "have to prove you are a Russian citizen. Note that they have checked with local authorities where he was "propisan", and while they say "yes", they dropped his registration.

Any hints here, or even places to contact (Zags?)- would be much appreciated!

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