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How to get my matric certificate

how to get my matric certificate

Instruction to get Duplicate Certificate

Application should be in the prescribed form.

Application form should be filled in by the applicant only.

If the certificate is lost, a certificate should be obtained from given by the Tahsildar starting that the original certificate is lost beyond recovery.

A fee of Rs. 505/- through Challan for each session.

A fee of Rs. 755/- for a Triplicate copy.

Fees should be remitted through Treasury or SBI

The candidate should submit application for Duplicate certificate to the school where he/she studied last with Chelan in the certificate received from the Tahsildar.

The Head Master / Head Mistress of the concerned school will counter signed the application and sent to the D.E.O concerned.

The loss of certificate will be published in Gazette by the D.E.O a copy of the notification will be sent to this office along with the application.

The application will be scrutinized and certificate will be prepared and sent back to the D.E.O from where the application received.

The candidate will be informed to collect the certificate.

With the letter received from this office the candidate should approach the office of the

D.E.O and receive the certificate.

The above instructions are applicable to private candidates who lost their certificate.

Chelan and Tahsildar certificate should be enclosed along with filled application.

Direct Private candidates

Instruction to be followed by the candidate who had appeared for X std privately after completing VII std or IX std.

The applicant should fill the application correctly.

For each session, the candidates should remit a Fee or Rs. 105/- by Chelan. Remittance should be made through SBI or Treasury only.

The loss of certificate should be certified by the District Tahsildar.

The transfer certificate obtained from the school where the candidate studied last should be enclosed.

The application should be endorsed and certified by the Head of Institution where last studied.

The application should be forwarded to this office directly with Chelan, Transfer certificate and the certificate of loss received from the District Tahsildar.

The notification regarding loss of certificate will be published in the Gazette by this office.

Duplicate certificate will be prepared by this office and sent directly to the candidate.

Chelan, Tahsildar certificate and Transfer certificate should be enclosed along with filled application.

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