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How do i get a fensa certificate

how do i get a fensa certificate

Buyers solicitor and FENSA certificates and indemnity insurance! 11

We accepted an offer on our house mid April. We are currently renting elsewhere and the buyers are also renting having already sold their house. So there is no chain. We anticipated completing mid June. Apparently the buyers are anticipating moving in end of June/ beginning July, so we are on a similar page.

We had a request for certificates for boiler we had replaced in 2007 and windows put in in 2006. After some difficulty we located the paperwork and our son took it to the solicitor about 2 weeks ago.

Today we get yet another letter from the solicitor saying the papers for the windows aren't an actual FENSA certificate so we need to pay an indemnity insurance. Strangely enough a colleague who is also at the same stage of the process has just been asked to pay indemnity insurance over an alleyway for rear access WTF is indemnity insurance and why should we pay it. (colleague has told them what they can do with their insurance and has threatened to pull out if not sorted by the end of this week)

The windows were put in by a reputable local company who are still there in the High Street. They told us at the time that details go on file at the council so

any future house move the solicitor would just check with the council and all is fine. The buyers solicitor has allegedly checked with the council and says there is nothing on record. The paperwork we provided has the FENSA certificate number on, so I can't see what the problem is.

DH is going to phone the council tomorrow and has already spoken to the window company (who remember the job and the 10 year guarantee).

We have already had endless stupid questions from the buyers solicitor (apparently the property does not abut the highway..) all of which suggest they aren't doing what they are being paid to do and are expecting us to do it for them. In the meantime the time is flashing by and we appear to be getting nowhere fast.

I know the whole process is always fraught, and I expect the buyers think it's us holding things up. Anyone else come across this?

I would hold fire on talking to the council as it might jeopardise your chance of obtaining indemnity insurance.

This is a one-off premium designed to protect the owner (to a certain degree) if the council were to take proceedings against you for this breach of building regulations.

The policy is unlikely to cost very much and will save you twoing and froing with the glazers and council

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