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How do i get a firearms certificate

how do i get a firearms certificate

Firearm Possession and Acquisition Certificate

What is a (PAC) Possession and Acquisition Certificate

The possession acquisition certificate is a permit issued by the Canadian Government allowing you to use, buy, borrow, or work with a firearm. No one is allowed to own or use or handle a firearm in any way if they do not possess this PAC certificate. This permit is mandatory if you have in your possession any type of firearms. Owning, storing, using,etc. any firearms without this certificate if strictly prohibited. This PAC certificate is mandatory to register your firearms.

What is a Possession Certificate Only

The possession Certificate only is a certificate that was granted for a period of time to those who had firearms and who no longer were interested in buying firearms. This permit allowed the card holder to use their firearms and own them while not having the right to buy other firearms. THIS PERMIT IS NO LONGER ISSUED. This certificate gives the card holder the same rights as the holder of a PAC except the right to buy other firearms.

What are the requirements to get this PAC certificate for hunting only?

If you wish to apply for a PAC certificate to meet your hunting needs, and you will be using non restricted firearms only (non restricted meaning rifles and shotguns which are used for hunting and are not classified as restricted) you must pass a Canadian Firearm Safety Course. (CSMAF) Once you have taken this course and you have passed it, you will receive about a month later a certificate which states that you have taken and passed the CSMAF. Once you have this certificate you may then and only then apply for your Possession and Acquisition Certificate for non restricted firearms only. This permit once you receive it ( Which may take several Months ) will allow you to hunt if you have taken the hunting course..Otherwise you must take the hunting course also. This PAC certificate will allow you to register you firearms if you have some in your possession, and it will allow you to buy other hunting rifles and shotguns in the non restricted class that you may need.

What are the requirements if I want to buy use and keep a pistol or revolver

Pistols and revolvers are classified as restricted firearms. In order to use, buy, or keep firearms in the restricted class you must take TWO courses, the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CSMAF ) and the Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Course (CCSMAFAR ) Once you have taken these two courses and you have received confirmation that you have passed these two courses you may then apply for the Firearm Possession and

Acquisition Certificate. (PAC) You will then be granted a PAC for restricted and non restricted firearms automatically.

I have a hunting license does it make a difference?

Yes it does, the law states: That in order to obtain a Firearm Possession and Acquisition Certificate for restricted firearms the candidate must pass the CSMAF and The CCSMAFAR:

However: If the candidate has taken the SMAF (Old Course to Obtain a hunting Permit ) before the 1st. of January 1994, he has to take but one course the CCSMAFAR.

If the Candidate however has taken his CSMAF course between 1st of January 1994 and the 30th. of January 1999. He is considered has having fulfilled all the requirements and has no other courses to take. These Qualifications are indicated on your hunting card.

Where do I register for these safety Courses

You may register for these courses at Club de Tir Ville St-Pierre. We have two instructors that offer courses at our location. We take registration for these instructors who offer the CSMAF and the CCSMAFAR. The courses are not always available so please call first before coming to our club to register.(514)-365-6163 The registration for these courses is on a first come first serve basis. With only limited space available. The courses must be prepaid in cash only. You will be issued a receipt and told where to go and take the course in question. Club de Tir Ville St. Pierre is not responsible in any way for these courses, other than collecting the fees for the instructors who give the courses. This service is offered by CTVSP free of charge and no other charges are applied other than the fees required by INFO SECURE. This done as a service to the members as well as the general public.

What is the Cost of These courses and who are the people in charge.

The body responsible for the issuing of these courses is INFO SECURE the can be contacted at 1-418-622-4006

The regional coordinator for the Montreal area is Mr. Cavallo tel: 514-324-4684 (however it has been reported to me that he seldom answers the telephone or returns any messages left to him.)

The cost for these courses is $73.00 dollars for the restricted firearm safety course CCSMAFAR and $66.00 for the non restricted course CSMAF. These rates are fixed by the government and no other charges, such as administration fees etc. should be charged. If you are charged more that the rates indicated it should be reported as fraudulent charges. In Quebec no one except the Government has the legal right to change the rates indicated. We ask to be informed if you are charged

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