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Registration of Births

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All Alberta births must be registered with the Government of Alberta. The Registration of Birth form is a permanent legal record of the birth.

After the birth is registered, you may order a birth certificate. For details, see Ordering a Birth Document.

How to Register

The mother and father/co-parent are responsible for completing a Registration of Birth form.

  • To record the father/co-parent on a child’s birth record both parents must sign the Registration of Birth.
  • New parents have options when choosing a last name for a newborn. Some restrictions apply.
  • Your hospital or registered midwife will give you a Registration of Birth form to complete.
  • The hospital or registered midwife will send the form to the Government of Alberta within 10 days of the birth.
  • When a registered midwife or

    doctor is not involved with a birth that takes place at home, the process to register the child’s birth is different. For more information, see Home Birth Information for Registering a Birth .

Delayed Registration of Birth

If a birth is not registered within one year from the date of the child's birth, there are additional requirements to register the birth and a $20 fee to register the birth.

Correcting a Registration of Birth

Once a birth is registered, changes may only be made with the appropriate legal documentation.

  • If a change is requested within 90 days from the date of the child’s birth, there is no fee.
  • If a change is requested more than 90 days after the child was born, there is a $20 fee.

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