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Thread: How to Get Caste Certificate in Uttarakhand for SC ST OBC and Application Form Process Required Docments

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How to Get Caste Certificate in Uttarakhand for SC ST OBC and Application Form Process Required Docments

The high court ordered to the state government of Uttarakhand that to provide the caste certificate for the citizens who are living in state from past 15 years. The court also rejects the appeal from the UKRAND leaders. The ukrand leader Mr. Trivandrum appeals in high court and challenged the order of the single judge. The court’s single bench was ordered to the peoples living in Uttarakhand from 09 Nov 2009 would be able to get the caste certificate and they will be getting the citizenship of state. In the appeal the leaders says that the people who come from out of the Uttarakhand state and resident here those issued the caste certificate will be affected for the state reserved citizen’s rights. The central government has increased the numbers of backward castes in fourteen states of India Union Territory. These fourteen states are Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a union territory. In these states there are still many backward castes have not yet declared in the OBC category.

The certain castes and backward communities are demanding and seeking from a long time for the inclusion of their caste in Uttarakhand reserved category. The state Uttarakhand also recommended and requested to Bihar state govt to make national backward classes commission however the Bihar state is already a backward region. The block are of Vikashnagar Vinhar of Dehradun is a rugged mountainous area. Peoples of all social classes have lived here but the area is dominated tribes and the literacy rate is extremely low and growth has been uneven. The culture is substantially similar to the culture of the Beaver Jaunsar. One side the govt has declared the tribal area to the Jaunsar Bavar while the other side Binhar citizens of a common culture, despite similar geographical conditions are quite backward socially and economically. In regarding of this the Uttarakhand assembly is in session on 29 July 2009 the Union government passed a resolution has been sent to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Vinhar backward announced the first former Chief Minister ND Tiwari was on 14 November 2003. After this the Dehradun district magistrate ordered to take the survey of this area to provide all same rights to citizens who are living here.

The survey was not done but there comes another report in year 2006. The report says that the area’s condition is the same like the Jaunsar. Before this the National Backward Classes Committee was rejected the appeal to make backward area to this. After this the appeal was goes silence. In the year of 2009 Uttarakhand CM Mr. Ramesh Pokhariyal was announced to add this area in the reserved category. The social welfare department requested to declare backward area to this in the same year from the NBCC. But the appeal was rejected again due to the some minor technical issue. If the govt work out in the proper way the citizens who are living Rana community in Gangi and Chamoli

of Tehri along with the some communities in Pithoragarh can get the benefits of this. The govt can work to declare these area’s castes as the backward classes. The govt will surly get the benefits in election if this should happen. After the partition of Uttarakhand from the state of Uttar Pradesh there were no any workout done by the govt for OBC SC ST castes. The caste which was listed in the Uttar Pradesh that also added on the same in Uttarakhand backward classes, scheduled caste and scheduled tribes castes.

Caste Certificate in Uttarakhand

After the partition more than 79 caste communities was added to the Uttarakhand backward class list as it same before the UP state. The govt added only 5 more castes in the list in which Kuthlia Bora, melted butter Bahti / Chahng, Gorkha community and Rwanlta / Junfri Community and dower / Gujar Mhra are included. After making the Uttarakhand and adding these 5 castes the peoples who are living in Uttar Pradesh are still getting the benefits apart from the UK’s citizens.

Various kinds of castes whom no one knows are getting caste certificate from Uttarakhand welfare department and taking the benefits of employments, recruitment and jobs here and the peoples of Uttarakhand are deprived from this. If any election party works to add more castes in the backward class they surly gets the benefits in election of this and the youths will get lots of facilities through it. The state government has the power and authority to add as much as castes in backward classes but after the making of state there were only few castes was included to provide the caste certificate in Uttarakhand.

The state govt is working slowly and due to that the citizens are also not getting their OBC certificate till the cutoff date which is already included in the list. Due to this work various unemployed citizens are not getting services and facility. However in time to time demands are changing. Some of the parties and peoples are saying to add those citizens who are living in state from past 10 years and some of are saying to add those citizens as the permanent citizenship who are living after 1950 in Uttarakhand.

The biggest reason is in late of cutoff date is to including the Gorkha Caste as the backward in the state list. Also the govt has given the approval to various local authorities for making the caste certificate in Uttarakhand for Goarkha community. These kinds of authority works for money and gives the fake caste certificate in Uttarakhand to those peoples also who just came from Nepal or Bhutan. The institution's reliability is suspected. These fake certificates can harm to the Gorkha peoples who are living in Uttarakhand after 1950. These kind of fake offices provides the caste certificate without of any verification of documents and gives their report to govt that they are staying in Uttarakhand from various years.

Backward Castes list currently registered in Uttarakhand –

1. Ahir

2. Ark (Ark. Arkvanshiy )

3. Coster (costar, coster - Kushwaha, Shakya )

4. Kahar ( Kahar. Kashyap )

5. Boatman or Malla ( boatman or sailor. nishad )

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