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How to get obc certificate in chennai

how to get obc certificate in chennai

You can Download Government Gazette

Dear Members,

Documents Required for Caste Certificate

Certificate will be issued normally within 15 days after submission of documents.

All documents should be attested.

No. Document Qty Req. / Optional Type

01 Application duly signed by the Applicant -1 Required Original

02 Rs. 5 Court Fee Stamp -1 Required

03 Bonafide Certificate/School Leaving Certificate of Candidate. -1 Required Original

04 School leaving Certificate of Parent or Guardian -(e.g. Father, Uncle, Brother, Grand Father, Father's Sister, Cousin Brother, Cousin Uncle, Cousin Grandfather or Great Grandfather) or Village Form No. 14 1 Required Xerox(Attested)

05 Residence Proof (Ration Card /Rent / Maintenance Receipt / Land line Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill)- 1 Required Xerox(Attested)

06 Affidavit in Prescribed Format ( Original)

a) All submitted documents with their details should be mentioned in Affidavit.

b) Any mistake in Name/Surname should be mentioned in detail with reasons in Affidavit.

c) If Caste proof is of Grand Father/Great Grand Father/Cousin Uncle/Cousin Brother/Cousin Grand Father, etc. then Family Tree should be mentioned in Affidavit. 1 Required Original

07 Caste Certificate of Parents i.e. Father/Grandfather/Aunty (Father's Sister)/Uncle (Blood Relation). Please Note that the Caste Certificate should have been issued by Competent Authority or Caste Validity Certificate issued by Caste Scrutiny Committee/ Village No.14, Service Book relevant page extract copy where caste is mentioned. 1 Required Xerox(Attested)

08 Residential proof for for OBC:- 21-10-1967 -1 Required Xerox(Attested) or copy of electoral Roll certified by election deptt.( at Gr. Floor MCGM office, Opp.VT Station, for Mumbai resident)

For SC- 10-08-1950, for VJ/NT-21-11-1961 & for sbc 21.10.1967

09 Community Certificate (Samaj Certificate) 1Required Xerox(Attested)

10 Government Gazette Copy required if there is a change in name. 1 Optional Xerox(Attested)

11 For Married Women, Government Gazette, Change Name Copy or Marriage Certificate is required.

1 Optional Xerox(Attested)


General Direction for Caste validity certificate in time

The State Government has constituted a Scrutiny Committee for verification of Caste Certificates issued by the Competent Authority. The office of the Scrutiny Committee is located at Konkan Bhavan, 6th Floor, Extension Building, Room No.71, New Bombay - 400 614. One has to carry the original OBC Caste Certificate and all supporting original documents which were submitted earlier while obtaining Caste Certificates from the Competent Authority.

The students who wish to apply for Medicine, Engineering, Architecture etc. under the OBC quota are required to attach the copy of the caste certificate at the time of admission to the said courses. However, at the time of selection to the said courses, one needs to submit validity certificate. It is therefore recommended that those students who are studying in F.Y.J.C or Std. XI ( Science ) should apply to the Scrutiny Committee well before 30th November for the relevant year.


Divisional Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee No.1

Kokan Bhuvan, 5th Floor, Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Belapur

Telephone No.022-27570227

2) Divisional Caste Scrutiny Committee No.2, Ratnagiri

Jail Road, Ratnagiri

3) Divisional Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee No.3, Mumbai Suburban

New Administrative Building No.2, 3rd Floor, R.C.Marg

Chembur (E), Mumbai Suburban





we have come across several cases where students are first timers for admission in the professional courses and their

parents are not aware that the caste/tribe Certificate has to be kept ready to be produced at the time of admission. The constitutional scheme of reservation meant for upliftment of backward section cannot be defeated by procedural or technical impediments. Effect has to be given to the

constitutional mandate so that those students who are

entitled to reservation get the benefit and are not

tripped by procedural requirements.

In these circumstances we think it appropriate that we issue some general direction as otherwise during this period, hundreds of petitions are filed by students who are denied admission or are threatened with cancellation of admission, because they are not in a position to produce the caste/tribe validity certificate in time. In the light of that.

the following order:-

1. The requirement of producing caste/tribe validity certificate at the time of admission or

within 12 weeks of admission is directory and not mandatory.

2. If the students have already applied for

caste/tribe certificate and the applications are

pending before the relevant committee, then the

institutions must grant provisional admission to such

students. The admissions will be subject to the

decision of the caste/tribe Scrutiny Committee.

Under no circumstances will any student be entitled

to claim equity to continue the studies if the

caste/tribe certificate is rejected or not validated.

3. Considering what we have stated in the

earlier part of the order, Rule 5 of the Information

Brochure for admission to Health Sciences Courses for

the academic year 2006-2007 is held to be directory.

4. The various Committees which have been

entrusted the responsibility of deciding the

caste/tribe validity, in so far as those applicants

who have applied for admission to professional

courses, to consider their cases on priority and

dispose them of not later than six months from the

date of the application.

5. The Chief Secretary of the State of

Maharashtara to consider these observations in this

order and to take necessary steps to give effect to

6. The Chief Secretary to the Government of

Maharashtra to ensure that this part of the order is

forwarded to the various Departments/Bodies entrusted

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