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How to get oracle certification

how to get oracle certification

How long to get Oracle certified?

I've had my sight on these for quite a while now: a lil. show more I've had my sight on these for quite a while now:

a lil bit about myself, I am a 22yo guy who just graduated with a bachelors in comp sci, nothing really shines out when it comes to my resume except the fact that most of my actual skills are more toward web design and development.

currently enduring my life of employment I have decided to study somethings on my own and since I live in the middle eas (Bahrain) oracle applications are heavily needed by everyone. Although that, none seems to take that route, almost every expert here is a foreigner which I assume create a gap between developers and local clients, I could be wrong though.

but I think that learning oracle would advance my career faster than anything,

the only thing with databases that I've worked with and please do not mock me is PHP/mySQL, I had the pleasure to create my own CMS, a bit crappy ofc compared to the top dogs and my own blog like application but I had fun doing it. and I plan to study oracle database and also develop for it. my main problem is that I always panic or get confused before starting new things, and I always work best under pressure, so I have a couple of simple questions:

1.looking at the link I posted do I only need to take one exam to advance in each tier, I mean the ones with 'or' under them?

2.How long to study each certificate material, lets say I'll dedicate 10h aday for it, how does that sound?

if you got any personal experience with getting oracle certified please post some, thank you in advance :>

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