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How to get osha certification

how to get osha certification

How to Get OSHA Forklift Training

You’re probably wondering, ‘How to Get OSHA Forklift Training?’ If you operate a forklift, even if only occasionally, and you are not certified by OSHA, you could be putting your employer at risk of a huge fine. You may be thinking, hey, that’s his problem. But think again. How do you think that will affect your job prospects? Your boss isn’t going to promote you and will probably show you the door.

For the sake of less than 50 bucks and an hour or two of your time, you can bust that Sword of Damacles right off your head and get an OSHA-approved forklift training. That will look so much better on your resume than, “sacked for being stupid.” Learn all about forklift accident prevention. All it takes are three simple steps:

  1. One of the OSHA forklift training requirements is classroom-style instruction. You can do this by sitting in front of an instructor, watch videos or sign up for an OSHA-approved online course like the one offered by
  2. In order to convince OSHA that you are more than a pretty face sitting in

    front of a computer, you will need to pass a test to demonstrate that you understand what OSHA requires of forklift operators. Once you complete this part, you will be able to print off a checklist for the third and fun part of OSHA forklift certification. hands-on evaluation.

  3. Your employer MUST complete a hands-on evaluation of your ability to safely operate a forklift in order for you to qualify for your operator card and certificate of completion. The evaluation must be specific to the equipment you will be working with and to the workplace environment where you will use the equipment.

Once you have passed the online test and the hands-on evaluation, you will be able to print a temporary operator card and certificate of completion right then and there. Original, printed copies of both will be sent to you at the address you gave when you registered for training.

That’s it. You will never have to look over your shoulder ever again, unless it’s to watch where you are going and not fall off the loading dock.

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